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While doing some research in preparation for a meeting with a Wildomar City Council member and the City Attorney (a report on that meeting will follow at a later date), I was reading the Animal Shelter Operating Agreement, dated August 10, 2010, and discovered that the Animal Friends of the Valleys spends money attempting to change instinctive canine behaviors, as follows:

4 .Definition of Adoptable Animal.  An animal with a treatable behavioral disorder is determined by a qualified Shelter staff may be considered adoptable.

 5. Definition of Treatable. “Treatable” shall also mean an animal with behavioral conditions that may be corrected with time and proper training, such as chasing animals/objects and cats, food aggression, etc.”

Based on the above, the City of Wildomar, is spending in excess of $500,000 per year to have “doggy psychologists” attempt to alter the basic canine instincts of chasing cats and defending their own food dish.

Perhaps the real “behavioral disorders” can be found among the humans at  Animal  Friends or Wildomar City Hall.

It is one thing to  be a dog lover who voluntarily supports organizations like Animal Friends;  It becomes an entirely different matter when taxpayers are forced to support canine mental health therapy  as a part of “animal control.”

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