Wildomar’s “Whatever” Committee Is Expected To Receive And…


Despite its inclusion in the language of the Measure Z ballot language, which was thought necessary, by the  expensive election consultants to  assuage the concerns of a larger margin of Wildomar’s voters sufficient to win passage, I have little  confidence that the City Council “insiders” appointed to the “Parks Funding Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee,” such as John Lloyd, will express any critical commentary on the proposed $10,000 birthday party budget for that all-important sixth birthday party on July 01, 2014.

The City of Wildomar has finally posted the agenda for Thursday night’s mislabeled “Measure Z Funding Oversight Advisory Committee,” where the recommendation  by City Staff is for the committee to “receive and  file” the park-related budget expenditures.

As an oversight/ advisory committee, of course, the committee members do not have any legal authority to take any action .

That being said, however,  the individual committee members have every right, nay an obligation, to provide “on the record” commentary  about the proposed expenditure of tax dollars lifted from the citizens of Wildomar.

Please click on the following link to the city’s website for confirmation:


It is likely  that the non-Lloyd members of the committee may have been coached by their City Council sponsors to do nothing more than “receive and smile,” when confronted by citizen outrage over a  patently absurd $10,000 birthday expenditure .

 We intend to be present for the meeting and will report accordingly.

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