Wildomar Issues Public Notice For A Committee….


In an example of  bureaucratic sloppiness, the City of Wildomar has apparently provided public notice for a meeting on July 25, 2013 for the non-existent “Measure Z Oversight Advisory Committee.”

What should have been “noticed” is a meeting of the “Parks Funding Measure Citizen’s Oversight Advisory Committee,” which does exist to provide “on the record” verbal commentary from committee members and concerned citizens in attendance, for such things as a proposed expenditure of $10,000 for a birthday party for Wildomar in 2014 .

If City Hall fails to recognize their legal error by 6:30 PM on Monday, July 21, 2013, and fails to re-post a proper and legal notice of the meeting of the Parks Funding Measure Citizen’s Oversight Advisory Committee, the proposed  the meeting will have to be re-scheduled to comply with legal requirements for public notice of public meetings .

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