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Back in the day, when I was a younger and more idealistic man, I happened to be installed as the pastor in a small church located in the “LA Strip,” which included the Los Angeles /Long Beach harbor-area community of Harbor City. When I took over the church,  it was primarily populated by a faith-filled group of African-American Believers.

One Sunday evening, I was given the opportunity to host a young singer, who went by the name of Cindy  Hewlett.  As I was always eager to “be a blessing to others,” (Ironic, isn’t it?) I accepted the invitation and scheduled the unknown  Ms. Hewlett to perform on a Sunday evening.

It wasn’t until after she had ministered in song that I recognized her professional identity, as follows:

Ms. Hewlett was a sweet and unassuming songstress, whose voice easily surpassed her professional  moniker “Birdsong”  and I consider it a special moment to have met her personally and to have enjoyed her singing talent.

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