Autumnwood Homeowners Move…


In their relentless but misdirected quest for an expert, any expert, to declare someone, anyone to blame but the developer who sold them their allegedly lethal homes in the Autumnwood subdivision in  Wildomar, the angry homeowners have finally moved on from Wildomar and into the halls of state government in Sacramento.

Since their homes were  proposed under, and permitted by, the County of Riverside prior to the City of Wildomar incorporating  on July 01, 2008, the City of Wildomar has ZERO exposure (moral, economic or legal) to their complaints and litigation.

Please click on the following link to the  Press Enterprise for the latest Autumnwood homeowner quest information:

What the Autumnwood homeowner’s actually need is a properly-credentialed expert to testify in Court in their litigation against the following potential defendants:

1) Original Developer, who built and sold them their homes.
2) County of Riverside, who approved the developer’s plans and issued permits for construction.
3) Rancho Water District,  who allegedly provided  hazardous soils to the developer.
4) City of Wildomar.

But hiring experts takes money! But a credible expert is  what they’ll need to prove their case in court .

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