Will Wildomar Finally Take Control Of…


There is continued positive movement on the Animal  Control front in the Wildomar City Hall.

At last evening’s City Council meeting, the Wildomar City Council unanimously voted to replace Councilmember Bob Cashman on the Animal Friends of the Valleys/Southwest Communities Finance  Authority (“AFV/JPA”) Subcommittee with Councilmember Ben Benoit, who has  recently recommended  that the City of Wildomar thoroughly review the potential and significant savings (upwards of $300,000, annually) by establishing its own municipal Animal Control services.

Councilmember Cashman himself agreed with the change, joining the unanimous vote  to do so.

Only time will tell if a majority of Wildomar’s elected officials  will demonstrate the political courage necessary to resist the influence of the “puppy and kitty lobby,”  once they confirm for themselves that the potential savings are  credible and achievable.

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 Animal friends of the Valleys will not be  diminished  by the absence of Wildomar.

It only means that Lake Elsinore, Murrieta, and  Temecula will each have to increase their funding of their own creation.  


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