Wildomar Paying Over $300,000 More Than Necessary…


As the old saying goes, “With friends like these, who needs…?”

 Last evening, at the Wildomar Special City Council meeting to publicly review and approve the City of Wildomar’s new two-year budget plan (Fiscal  Years 2013-14 & 2014-15),  Yours Truly once again took to the public dais  and lobbied for establishment of Wildomar’s own municipal animal control  department in order to replace its current overly-expensive relationship with the Animal Friends of the Valleys/Southwest  Communities Finance Authority,

Yesterday afternoon, City Manager Gary Nordquist released a document created by Finance Director Misty Cheng, in response to my written proposal submitted at the initial  Budget Review, conducted several months ago.

In my own response to the City’s response, I addressed the City Council, speaking from the following prepared notes,  which are now submitted for your review, Dear Reader, as follows:

“According to a city-produced document, titled “Animal Sheltering and Control Cost Options,” created as a Draft for June 26, 2013 presentation, the following City Estimate to provide animal control services, is as follows:


 This amount is contrasted and compared with the “Proposed 2013-14 Budget,” as follows:


(The above figure is modified/reduced by an $83,448 “38% DIF payment.)

The Proposed 2013-14 Budget omits an important entry from the 2012-13 Budget, which states “less animal licensing fees of $80,000.”

By applying the same $83,448 “38% DIF payment” to the City Estimate of $283,643, the net amount of animal control costs is actually $200,195.

In addition, if the $80,000 in animal license fees, which is currently ceded to the Animal Friends shelter, the additional revenue would further reduce the net cost for animal control services to a net total of $120,195.

In contrast, if $80,000 in lost revenue is properly added to the $360,852 proposed in the 2013-14 budget,  rather than be omitted the net cost for animal control services for the next year would be  a whopping $440,852.

Therefore, the actual difference in the net cost of providing animal control services within the City of Wildomar, as opposed to continuing to participate with the Animal Friends JPA, is a significant savings of $320,657.

It is my recommendation, following the approval of the proposed budget this evening, that a study session be convened within the next 60 days to diligently review all aspects of this comparison for future Council consideration.”

In the City Council discussion that followed,  Wildomar City councilmember Ben Benoit  suggested the formation of a subcommittee of himself and one other city councilmember  to further explore the financial and legal ramifications of my proposal.

Mayor Tim Walker also joined with Benoit and voiced a  desire for further examination of the potential benefits.

For additional comments from Councilmember Benoit and Mayor Walker, please click on the  link to the  Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, as follows:


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