The “Creepy” Factor Arises In…UPDATE


Apparently the “former” administrator (alas, with 168 total members so far, it was time to delegate the administration chores) of the WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS  Facebook page is attempting to form yet another clique, this one based on the religious concept of  “shunning”  for three specific members of the community, namely Martha Bridges,  Yours Truly ,and Ken Mayes, according to the comment posted by said former administrator, himself, as follows:

“If a few select people continue to try to fracture the morale and efficacy of our volunteers and our city leadership, then it’s time to shine a big light on these few select people with the intent to eventually ostracize them.” 

Please click on the following link to  the Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch, and scroll through the comments,  to confirm:

(Editor’s Note: The above link to the Patch is no longer active as the author of the blog, as is his prerogative, previously stated that he  intended  to close it and eliminate the need to “monitor” any future comments. thus confirming the long-practiced wisdom of Wildomar Magazine to generally preclude  comments to my own commentary in the first place, thereby preventing inane and anonymous comments from destroying the original  thought. Meanwhile, the reprehensible “intent to ostracize” comment is preserved in perpetuity on the fearless 24/7/365 pages of Wildomar Magazine).     

“Shunning” is a creepy relic of  the religious world

Please click on the following link to Wikipedia for more information:

Wildomar Magazine wants to congratulate the former administrator  for taking the lead on bringing Wildomar “back” to the 17th century.

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Private Message to Ken Mayes: Dear Ken, since we have never met in person, please don’t take my failure to do so as “shunning.”


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