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Despite his invitation, Kevin Jon Sax,  creator and moderator of the WILDOMAR .CA. LOCALS Facebook page, and relative newcomer to the City of Wildomar, maintains strict control over access to the page, where criticism or dissent of elected or appointed officials appears to be prohibited.

Within the past week, Sax has closed off the page, making it  observable only to those who have been “permitted” to join. Before that unseemly “occlusion” took place, it was possible to observe and copy the comments of the approved members, some of whom are officials of the City of Wildomar.

Sax continues to seek new members, using the Lake Elsinore/ Wildomar Patch, as well as using the city’s official logo, to do so, as follows:

For the record, WILDOMAR .CA.  LOCALS has been joined by the following public officials, who are unembarrassed by the content, as follows :

1) City councilmember Bridgette Moore
2) City councilmember Marsha Swanson
3) City councilmember Ben Benoit
4) Planning Commissioner Bobby Swann
5) Citizens Parks Oversight Committee Chairman John Lloyd

 For the sake of transparency, and the clarity that transparency provides, and under the permit and protection of the First  Amendment, Wildomar Magazine provides the following choice  “contributions” to the page ( with my own commentary, in blue):


Bobby Swann I won’t advertise his sham blog but I was baptized days after being appointed to the planning commission. Depicted by a fat hairy man in a tooth fairy costume.

For Commissioner Swann’s further enlightenment, the graphic he complains of was of a middle-aged man, admittedly dressed as a tooth fairy, which was exactly on point to parody and satirize his foolish and uninformed statement to a reporter. In fact, I intentionally “stretched” the graphic to make the middle-aged man  appear to be thinner, in order to prevent the article being taken as a personal, physical attack. Unfortunately, the Commissioner who doesn’t know the difference between a nonexistent “TUMP” and an actual TUMF took it personally, which is regrettable. (See WM article “Bridgett’s New Planning Commissioner, ” March 5, 2013 for confirmation).

 In the future, I should probably restrict my commentary about the Commissioner’s conduct, including his Incitement to Riot,(California Penal Code Section 404.6) which is contained in an unfortunate suggestion by Commissioner Swann  that my house in Wildomar should be burned (see below).

Regardless if he joins or not he won’t post here. He is too much of a coward to allow anyone to comment on his topics. Same with bartha (his demeaning name for Martha Bridges) when she blogs you are not able to comment. They are nothing more then an angry group of people that never want Wildomar to be a city in the first place IMHO. But now that I have said this I am sure I will get to grace a GR blog or two soon enough.

 Although  simple exposure of his own words is probably not what  Commissioner Swann expected.

Bobby Swann I will say that I have attended several council meetings that have made note of the Stoops (presumably, a juvenile insider code word for “the stupids”) contact via email or letter. They are generally dealt with by the city attorney at the time. So it seems that if the city attorney feels it is not an actionable item it sends Martha into a tizzy. Then the lawsuit ensues and the fighting starts. I suppose every city has these people and deal with them as Wildomar does. The real problem is that they hide behind the tag of activist they are only active in attempting to hurt the city. I wonder what the bottom line is with these people is? What is it that they actually want? They say they are misunderstood and have our best at heart. Why is it that I just do not see the good in what they are doing? I really do honestly want to understand the position and do the best for all concerned. They just make it so hard to want to help them.

When a newly-appointed official is so blatantly disrespectful  of the citizens he was appointed to serve (” The Stoops”), there is little hope that Commissioner Swann has the gravitas required for his important function as a Planning Commissioner.  

Bobby Swann Well people told me he attacked me once again. I do not read it unless told it was about me in some way. Honestly, this isn’t satire or parody anymore this is him attacking me and those that attempt to help the city. If we were in LA people would have burned his house to the ground by now. Alas he hides behind his keyboard like the childlike coward that he is and pretends it is under the guise of “political activism”. So they don’t want the city to grow and develop. I get that not everyone will be of the same position. But if you aren’t willing to help fix the problem get the hell out of the way of those of us who are little man!

Fortunately, we are not in LA.  Nevertheless, this deplorable comment has resulted in my request to Gary Nordquist, City Manager, asking for a meeting with himself, the City Attorney, the Wildomar Chief of Police, Councilmember Bridgette, and Commissioner Swann to discuss his threat of violence.

Bobby Swann The political activist group is nothing more than a bunch of old farts (for the record, I will admit to occasional excessive flatulence, for which I apologize) that refuse to see the reality of living in 2013 in our city. I am just sick of the cowardly actions of a small group of disgruntled phonies that want to hurt every citizen in Wildomar. Think about if they had there way part of the city would be Murrieta the other would be Elsinore and no Wildomar. We would never have parks again and we would never have any new development be it commercial or residential. I gotta ask the members of this group is that what you all want? If it is I want to know now so I can help with that plan. I do not think it is anywhere close to what we want so let me know folks.

That being said it is probably better closed then as an open group.

Why am I not surprised that you would prefer your written opinions be hidden from the general public?


 John Lloyd The peepers on the outside would prefer it stay open so they can use the information against others. Possibly in court. They just roll that way.

“Insiders” obviously prefer secrecy. They just roll that way.

 John Lloyd I’m confused. Who is attacking you? We all know you are driving to help Wildomar. What kind of person is trying to make all that you are doing ,anything but beneficial to our community? If the Stoops are against you, I’m guessing your going in the right direction.

John Lloyd, another Bridgette Moore appointee, and current Chairman of the Parks Oversight Committee, also shows his disrespect for the citizens of Wildomar whom he was  appointed to serve (byreferring to them as the “the Stoops”).

My confidence in his ability to provide “oversight” is further diminished by his writing. 

John Lloyd Don’t go to that idiotic web site. You can’t expect anything but poison from a snake. Just Don’t Go There!!!

I can well understand that the political “insiders,” such as Lloyd,  might not be a fan of Wildomar Magazine, or yours truly, but putting that “poison from a snake” comment in writing while chairing the Parks Citizen  Oversight Committee, is a glaring demonstration of political “courage,” while hiding behind the skirt of Bridgette Moore’s political protection.

In closing,  I would encourage as many of my readers from Wildomar join with the group in order to  encourage the widest dissemination of their bile throughout the community of Wildomar until we all  reach the point of our political gag reflex.

Comments can be made to

This unfortunate type of conduct will continue as long as the  citizens of Wildomar tolerate it.


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