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When I attended last evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting, I was reassured to observe  one of the city’s foremost cost-saving measures is still functioning as expected, as Mayor “Mad Dog” Walker continues to graciously provide to the city, free of charge,  his own services as Court Jester.  Every Council presentation is introduced with a silly wisecrack, followed by even sillier banter with the presenter.

And now, in an article posted by the Press Enterprise yesterday,  His Silliness provides his own amateur legal arguendo while, at the same time denigrates the unnamed “dissidents” who filed the lawsuit challenging the City Council’s  approval of the Oak Creek Canyon project for second guessing the “professionals” that the majority of the Wildomar City Council routinely and repeatedly rely upon, without questioning, to their ultimate legal detriment, as follows:

According to the traveling journalist, Michael J. Williams, Walker stated the following:

“Mayor Tim Walker said he believes the suit lacks foundation  (an amateur legal argument) and is the work of dissidents in the community.

We knew they were going to challenge it because they’re going to challenge everything in the city from now on”(all the more reason to get it right the first time), Walker said. “They don’t want any growth in the city, period. They want to stop all growth in the city. These are people that are not professionals second-guessing the professionals.”

 Apparently because the City of Wildomar Planning Department is a bit “overworked” or “under qualified,” on November 29, 2012, the City of Wildomar  cried out for “professional” help , as follows:

Res Ipso Loquitur. (Latin for ” the thing speaks for itself.”)

You be Walker’s judge.

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