Another Sewage ” Spray Field” Discovered in Western….



Although it is a bit different than the archaic sewage disposal system that is operated on behalf of the property owners  living at The Farm, the newly discovered septic system is found on the Facebook pages of WILDOMAR.CA.LOCALS, a recently established Facebook entity that purportedly seeks contributions from people who live in Wildomar.

Of late, several of the most vocal “stools” on the page have taken the opportunity to foolishly disclose their dark thoughts on the subject of Yours Truly, in response to recent articles on Wildomar Magazine, as follows (with my responsive commentary, in blue):

Doug Ames Sorry he’s treating you like this Bobby Swann. I hope you don’t let him use his service or possible PTSD as an excuse. As a vet myself with service connected PTSD I think some of his service claims are exaggerated. Keep doing what you’re doing and try not to let the haters get you down.”

Some people might find it somewhat offensive, if not defamatory, to question a veteran’s service-connected disability, without any factual basis.

John Lloyd I’m confused. Who is attacking you? We all know you are driving to help Wildomar. What kind of person is trying to make all that you are doing ,anything but beneficial to our community? If the Stoops are against you, I’m guessing your going in the right direction.”

Apparently, the park-loving and politically lovable John Lloyd considers anyone with an alternative opinion in Wildomar to be a “Stoop.” (As in “Stupid,'” I presume.)

John Lloyd Don’t go to that idiotic web site. You can’t expect anything but poison from a snake. Just Don’t Go There!!!”

Apparently, the park-loving and politically lovable John Lloyd considers anyone with alternative opinion in Wildomar to be a “snake.”

Bobby Swann Well people told me he attacked me once again. I do not read it unless told it was about me in some way. Honestly, this isn’t satire or parody anymore this is him attacking me and those that attempt to help the city. If we were in LA people would have burned his house to the ground by now. Alas he hides behind his keyboard like the childlike coward that he is and pretends it is under the guise of “political activism”. So they don’t want the city to grow and develop. I get that not everyone will be of the same position. But if you aren’t willing to help fix the problem get the hell out of the way of those of us who are little man!”

If I were Bobby Swann, I would begin a “fire watch” on the Rasmussen residence, on the off chance that someone, anyone, would act on his “incitement to riot” (See Ca. Penal Code 404.6) and attempt to burn my house down, thereby making Planning Commissioner Swann a prime suspect, as follows;

Given my history of a personal, physical assault by a former Mayor of Wildomar, I will be making a formal complaint and record of this comment with city and police officials. A threat to incite the burning of my house can’t be ignored. If Swann didn’t mean it, he shouldn’t have written it.

What each of these stools have in common is that they are political appointees of Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore ( Lloyd & Swann), or personal friends (Ames), whose cult of personality encourages such unfortunate conduct.

At the very least, Lloyd and Swann should be censured for their comments. As appointed officials for the City of Wildomar, they are obligated to represent all of Wildomar citizens, even the ones they dislike  and disagree with, even a poisonous snake.

 As for Ames, not every veteran is my “brother.”

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