Taking The “Wild” Out Of…


Any time at your city is dominated by  elected and appointed officials from the parasitic real estate industry, whose primary requirement to exist in their “business” is the unfettered production of high density residential tracts by profit-obsessed  developers, you can rest assured that the “wild” and rural nature of your community will eventually  be tamed.

Last evening, at yet another “special” Wildomar City Council meeting, real estate broker and Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson put your final stamp of approval on the ironically-named   Oak Creek Canyon project, where the developer proposes to replace  naturally-occurring oaks and creeks with a cluster of  4500 ft.² high-density residential lots, confirming my exact premise.

Please click on the following link to the Lake Elsinore /Wildomar Patch, to confirm:


Apparently, the only rational voice of opposition came from Councilmember Bob Cashman, again citing Wildomar’s rural vision, and who was then subjected to  a verbal inquisition from Mayor “Mad Dog” Walker who, when he isn’t  cracking wise,resorts to angry displays of public outrage.

It’s a bit weird, but there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground the Mayor’s public demeanor.

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