City of Wildomar Determined To Be….


On May 23, 2013, less than 24 hours after approving, on a first reading, the Oak Creek Canyon project, the City of Wildomar filed a Notice of Determination  on the project, thereby triggering the front end of a very short 30 day Statute of Limitations timeframe for the filing of any litigation in opposition to the approval. And, apparently, there is little wiggle room for potential litigants, as follows:

Interestingly, if you follow this stuff, the Notice of Determination was also filed 14 days before last evening’s second reading and final approval of the project ordinances, raising the question of municipal sneakiness on the part of the City of Wildomar.

For example,  what if Councilmember Bob Cashman had been able to sway two of his City Council colleagues into changing their previous “Aye” vote and joining with him in a majority opposition to the project? Based on that potentiality, however remote,  how could legal counsel for the City of Wildomar agree to such subversive legal conduct? (For the sake of brevity, we will refrain from making the perfunctory attorney joke, at this point ).

 Perhaps, the City of Wildomar and their consigliare fear that “litigation hell” is about to rain on their latest approval.

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Fortunately, an attentive citizenry will checkmate sneakiness.


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