Riverside County Board Of Supervisors…


Eight , if you count Wildomar.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors will be voting today to convey two parcels of land adjacent to the Ronald Reagan elementary school, which the  City Council of Wildomar has long coveted as a fourth potential park in the City of Wildomar.

Please click on the following link to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors agenda, for confirmation:


Unfortunately, this “gift ” of free land will not be opened for public use without the resolution of potentially unresolvable environmental difficulties as well as the expenditure of significant capital expense, as follows:

1) The two parcels of land contain several naturally occurring arroyos, which cannot be  filled in or graded flat to create building pads  or to develop sports fields.
2) The  two parcels of land contain multiple protected species, whose habitat cannot nor should not be destroyed.
3)In order to address items 1 and 2, an expensive Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”) will have to be completed before the first shovel of dirt can be turned, even if Mr. Methodist, Tom Pilkington, is doing the turning.

Despite the passage of Measure Z  and the potential abuse of the “park-related activities” language of the measure, the infrastructure costs to develop these two gift parcels will likely be multiples of  millions of dollars, leaving the City of Wildomar to seek voter passage of a Mello Roos/ Community Facilities District bond issue, which carries its own lethal, self-defeating “gift” of conservative taxpayer resentment.

The premature and foolish attempt to pass a Mello Roos/ Communities Facilities District  with the failed Measure D in 2011 , may come back to haunt the City Council, as they foolishly “educated” the voters of Wildomar to be hyper-aware of the taxation negatives of  Mello Roos/Communities Facilities District .   

For example, many of the  residential properties on the east side of Wildomar are already burdened with a Mello Roos / Community Facilities District bond issue for their  water and sewer infrastructure , some of whom already pay $1000 per year.

Over the next few days and weeks, the adolescent/juvenile members of the Wildomar City Council, and their equally adolescent/juvenile sycophants, will be high-fiving and baying at the moon  in celebration of this “gift.”

 As most reasonable adults have learned through experience, little in life is “free.” (Wildomar Magazine remains free ).

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Former Supervisor Bob Buster was always prepared to convey title on this land to the City of Wildomar, subject to confirmation that the City of Wildomar would be able to maintain it, once in their possession.

Apparently the current iteration of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors , sans Buster, has less regard for such thoughtful economic propriety.


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