Wildomar Engages In Frivolous….


According to today’s Press Enterprise article on a recent lawsuit filed by Martha Bridges, the City  of Wildomar has spent approximately $135,000 defending lawsuits filed by a vague and unnamed ” small contingency of residents who have legally challenged  the young city seven times.” (A more experienced journalist would have provided specific names!).

Please click on the following link to confirm the frivolous context:


For the record, as of July 1, 2013, the City of Wildomar will be five years old; young for a child, but for a city, certainly enough time to  achieve a reasonable level of  civic maturity.

Looking at this another way,  given the tally reported by the PE, the City of Wildomar has” won” two of the lawsuits in court,  but settled three others  to avoid “losing” them in court, giving the “contingency of residents” a .600 batting average, which, if they were baseball players, would put them in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Regarding the expenditure of $135,000 spent in legal fees spent by the City of Wildomar over five years, the City of Wildomar spends in excess of $250,000 per year by maintaining its membership in the Southwest Communities Finance Authority which operates the Animal Friends of the Valleys.

In addition, they are spending $36,000 annually for the Sacramento consultant to chase the “missing in action and presumed lost” Vehicle License Fees arrangement that ends when a city becomes five years of age.

 When Mayor” Mad Dog”  Walker can boast of a winning batting average, when it comes to city lawsuits, as well as a legislative win in Sacramento, his words of frustration might have some merit. 

Until that day comes, he just sounds angry.

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