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Perhaps a more seasoned editor for the Press Enterprise should consider reviewing the “news” being reported by their younger “journalists.”

In today’s Press Enterprise article on the recently filed lawsuit by Martha Bridges, the article contained factual inaccuracies, seriously damaging the credibility of the Riverside-based newspaper.

As a primer for your own research, please click on the link and review the article before you start:

After reading the article myself, I was confused by the allegation and inference that Martha Bridges had been involved in the filing of 7 lawsuits against the City of Wildomar.  This inaccurate information is regularly promulgated  by the sycophantic followers  of Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, who thrives on  her status as municipal victim.

Because of my confusion, I resorted to my own investigation of the number of lawsuits  involving the City of Wildomar since its incorporation on July 1, 2008.

For the record, there are total of 15 lawsuits that include the City of Wildomar in their litigation namestyles.

Further, for your information, the following is a complete listing of all of the lawsuits list on the Riverside County Superior Court index index:

Case # :                       Plaintiff:                                    Filing Date:

MCC 130-0555            Bridges                                    04/22/2013

MCC 130012                Rostai Investments                     01/31/2013

RIC 121-6373               Bridges                                        11/05/2012

RIC 121-2172                Parra                                            08/10/2012

RIC 111-4945                Alliance (Ade)                            09/09/2011

TES 110-0311               Todd (Small Claims)                  02/14/2011

RIC 10023703             Protect Our Wildomar (Bridges) 12/08/2010

RIC 10016029             Wildomar (Eminent Domain) 08/11/2010

RIC 10015899              Wildomar (Eminent Domain) 08/10/2010

TES 10001688            Oberg (Small Claims)                  07/20/2010

10013334                     Wildomar (Eminent Domain) 07/06/2010

RIC 10000599              Hermansen                                      01/14/2010

RIC 541702    Stone                                               12/08/2009

RIC 526486                     Hoffman                                       08/08/2008

RIC505580                       Riverside County                        08/08/2008

In the above actual record, there have been 3 lawsuits involving Martha Bridges as a plaintiff, 1 lawsuit involving Sheryl Ade as a plaintiff, and 3 lawsuits involving  the City of Wildomar as a plaintiff.

So who is the vexatious litigant?

If you go by the numbers, the City of Wildomar has filed the same number of lawsuits as has Martha Bridges, only in the  Bridges filings, the litigation arises from allegations of municipal misconduct, rather than the taking of an individual’s private property through eminent domain.

It is unfortunate indeed that the Press Enterprise has lost its journalistic moorings, seeking instead to curry favor from the City of Wildomar’s elected officials.

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Needless to say, there are not seven lawsuits filed against Wildomar by anyone…. or everyone, for that matter.


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