Taking The “Wild” Out Of….


For those of you who remember,  one of the basic reasons for Wildomar’s  incorporation movement was the preservation of Wildomar’s “rural lifestyle.” Unfortunately, the city is being run  by people who have no interest  in doing so.

Last evening, the Wildomar City Council met, in yet another special meeting, to put their stamp of approval on several hundred postage stamp-sized lots (4500 ft.² is a postage stamp-sized residential lot) which will surround, and eliminate, the rural  atmosphere of The Farm.

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In a last-minute appeal to preserve the rural elements of our community, Wildomar City Councilmember  Bob Cashman started with questions about the loss of a 4 foot wide oak tree, which is perhaps four hundred years old according to Cashman, who went on to explain how the  loss  the of native trees to the ironically-named Oak Creek Canyon  residential project would destroy local habitat.

In response, Cashman was met with  on onslaught of public derision by his colleagues, Mayor Tim Walker and Ben Benoit, neither of whom were involved in the incorporation effort, nor did they take the time to attend the initial “visioning” session after  incorporation was achieved, which provided widespread community input as to the future direction of the City of Wildomar.

All in all, it was an ugly display of city council ugliness.

By the way, the eventual vote, which could have been mailed in by this group, was 4-1, with Cashman being the lone vote in opposition to the project.

It is more than likely that one, or more, lawsuits will arise following the approval of this project, as many significant environmental issues were disregarded in the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report.

Rather than addressing public concerns, it appears that the Wildomar City Council prefers the status of being a  defendant over being the  defender of Wildomar’s rural lifestyle.

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