Wildomar Council Doubles Down On…


 It’s official, according to the Wildomar City Council agenda packet for next Wednesday’s City Council meeting. The Wildomar Little League cannot live up to its obligations to maintain the two baseball fields generously permitted by the taxpayers of the Wildomar Cemetery District since 2005.

Quoting the Staff Report, This past year, Wildomar Little League did not renew its license with the Cemetery District…. due to a re-organization of the League with plans to resume baseball in Wildomar in the near future.”

The   inexplicable failure of a popular youth sports league format triggers an automatic obligation on the part of the Wildomar Little League to remove it’s fences and backstops from the taxpayer-supported property , and restore the cemetery property to its original condition. I don’t believe there is a legitimate option to do anything else.

However, in  a blatant display of conflict of interest between the City of Wildomar and the Wildomar Cemetery District, City Staff is recommending a “licensing” agreement between the City of Wildomar  and a non-City of Wildomar organization, known as Little League Baseball,, Incorporated, operating out of San Bernardino, in an attempt to suspend the obligation of the Wildomar Little League to live up to its contractual agreement with the taxpayers of the Wildomar Cemetery District.

 By taking over the facilities, the City of Wildomar will be using  tax dollars from the General Fund to perpetuate a failed sports organization, whose former leader, Tim Underdown ( a long time Bridgette Moore crony), publicly stated, on March 12 , 2013,  that the Wildomar Little League cannot function without a “full ride” subsidy by the City of Wildomar.

In the same public meeting, Underdown is, at the same time, lobbying for a baseball field dedicated to the Little League at Marna O’Brien Park, “just in case.”

Unfortunately for the rest of Wildomar’s citizens who are not involved in the Little League, the Wildomar City Council will  function next Wednesday evening like politicians who fear  the existence of embarrassing photographs.

I doubt that the little boys playing Little League baseball in Lake Elsinore , Canyon Lake and Murrieta will jump from those teams “in the near future” to return to the disorganized and obviously dysfunctional Wildomar Little League.

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The Board of Trustees of the Wildomar Cemetery District cannot rationalize, justify or describe any benefit inuring to the Wildomar Cemetery District as a result of this artifice. 

 Stalling the enforcement of the contractual agreement is not a viable option in the face of the failure of the Wildomar Little League.


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