The Once Proud City Of Wildomar Is Reduced To Being A…


I attended yesterday afternoon’s Wildomar City Council Parks & Recreation Subcommittee meeting  conducted by Council members Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson  in the forced “restart” of their much-desired participation, as the charity beggar, in the United Methodist Church (“UMC”) Great Day of Service 2013.

UMC representative Tom Pilkington was on hand  to unabashedly declare that the UMC churches have a universal missionary “intention,” and that the City of Wildomar is the latest recipient of their missionary endeavors, putting Wildomar in the same category as the  Caribbean island of Haiti, or the deepest, darkest  regions of Equatorial Africa.

The Great Day of Service is now set for October 26, 2013, pushing the previous, and now obviously tentative date of October 12, 2013 back by  two weeks. 

Unfortunately, the UMC quest for 500 volunteers  is going to conflict with the family preparations, including church families, for Halloween 2013 festivities , probably suppressing the volunteer response.

I am amazed, after the successful passage of measure Z, which will bring in $361,000 per year, according to City Manager Gary Nordquist,  that Moore and Swanson would have so little municipal self-respect for the City of Wildomar they are rushing to the front of the UMC food line.

it is my guess, that once you swallowed your pride as a city,  embracing your embarrassing municipal  status as a charity case isn’t so difficult.

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 $361,000 should be sufficient to retain local landscapers to rehabilitate our parks.


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