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My son Tim, stopped by the house last evening, permitting me to enjoy my grandson Kent in person, rather than on Skype. He was driving a new car, probably as a reward for his current Disney project, a sequel to the Three Men and a Baby comedy, getting much closer to actual filming. Reportedly, all three male stars have signed on to the project.

It’s always good to have good reports from your children of their latest successes.

Unfortunately, one of the darker sides of success in Hollywood is having the time and money to explore your personal gene pool, something I’ve never thought important beyond the typical family interest in one’s predecessors. In my case, having each one of my grandparents be happy and legal immigrants from Norway during the years 1880-1905 , I was always comfortable with my genetic consistency. 

No personal “Heinz 57” issues to deal with.

Until now.

According to Tim, after providing the appropriate blood sample for testing, his genetic bloodlines  are identifiable as 100% European, perhaps a slight step down from being 100%  Norwegian. Since his mother was generally French and German in in origin, a 100% European identification remains within the bounds of expectation.

However, Tim was further advised that 3% of his bloodline (which puts him in the 99th percentile of Homo sapiens) comes from the Neanderthal line.

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Sometimes, it’s not good to ask questions.

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I have to admit I always worried that his mother’s eyebrows were a little prominent.


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