We Don’t Need No Stinking….


Over the span of a significant portion of my adult life spent in the ecclesiastical world, I was amazed at the number of ministers and religious leaders that I came across, who were willing to conduct church business in defiance of the common rules and regulations found in municipal Building Codes. There seems to be a sense that the perceived goodness and worthiness of a religious act of charity somehow supersedes any secular civic obligations, to the point where such mundane trifles as the pulling of building permits for a charity project can be ignored by church leadership.

For example, being made evermore curious by the  recent disclosure of civic  subterfuge  by the Parks & Recreation Subcommittee, in cooperation with the United Methodist Church/Great  Day of Service 2013, I found this additional video:


Since Rancho Damacitas is located in the County, the charity work depicted in the video on May 17, 2012 should have, at the very least, required the pulling of building permits for the construction of a patio cover, through the Building Department of the County of Riverside.

Click on the following link (and scroll down to “patio”) to confirm:


 In addition to the permit fees required, ranging from $258.47 for a “residential lattice patio cover” up to $657.06 (If the improvement  were deemed to be a “commercial patio cover”),  the purpose of the building permit, according to the Riverside County Building and Safety , is, as follows: “Building permits provide the means for Code Officials to inspect construction to ensure that minimum standards are met thus reducing the potential hazards of unsafe construction, and therefore, ensuring the public health, safety and welfare.”

After checking the permit records maintained by Riverside County for Rancho Damacitas, located at  38950 Mesa Road , Temecula California , I was unable to confirm the existence of any permits for the construction of a residential lattice patio cover.

Not surprisingly,  neither could I confirm that any subsequent inspections were conducted by the County of Riverside Building Department, in order to ensure  minimum standards  were met for the patio cover.

Based on the above conduct by the promoters and facilitators of the Great Day of Service 2012, it would  be appropriate for the citizens of Wildomar to be vigilant about the proposed “improvements” to be made to the city’s parks during the Great Day of Service 2013, which is somehow now “scheduled” for October 12, 2013.

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