Those Wacky, And Loveable Methodists Are…..


My cries of “shame on you” are probably still echoing down the hallways of City Hall, after forcing the Wildomar City Council to suspend their  Brown Act-violating back room deal with local area United Methodist Church (“UMC”) congregations for a Mother Nature-defying Great Day of Service , originally set for June 01, 2013.

Although the determination of the Wildomar City Council, last Wednesday evening, was to return the proposal to the Parks and Recreation Subcommittee to start the process all over, this time to be properly discussed before the public, it appears that, once again, a formal date for the UMC project has been set without the benefit of a public hearing.

 According to the UMC’s “Re-Think Church/Great day of Service 2013” website, Saturday, October 12, 2013 will be the day that the UMC will convene a religious service at Marna O’Brien Park , followed by several hours of volunteer work , and then a “celebration,” which will provide a Praise Band for the weary volunteers.

Please click on the following link to confirm (and mark your calendars!), as follows:

I, for one am amused, and at the same time impressed, by the methodical, machine-like obsession of the United Methodist  Church in their quest to penetrate community of Wildomar for their particular brand of “congregational development.”

But then, that’s apparently why they call themselves “Methodists.”

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