When Politicians Miss The Simple Meaning Of Words….


Despite my latest allegation that yet another serial Brown Act violation has occurred in the City of Wildomar, generated from the Parks & Recreation Subcommittee meeting on March 12, 2013, when Wildomar Parks Oversight Committee (“Oversight”) member Scott Bradstreet, after being in full discussions with Oversight colleague, Kristen West, attempted to make contact with a third Oversight member, Monty Goddard, via e-mail on March 20, 2013, the responsibility for this violation once again falls at the feet of Subcommittee members, Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson.

In the same manner that the issue of what constitutes a “marriage,” the definition of marriage (man plus woman? man  plus man?, etc.) is the point of the debate.

Likewise, the definition of what constitutes an “oversight” committee leads to municipal confusion. In this case,  voters were promised a committee of financial critics whom Wildomar City Council  could not ignore.

A simple review of the individual applications to be on the Oversight Committee submitted by West and Bradstreet leaves little room for doubt that they are interested more in the promotion of parks & recreation  than seeking to restrain fiscal excess in the utilization of Measure Z funds.

This raises the question of the intent of Bridgette and Marsha in their selection of “Oversight” Committee members. Did they wish to populate the Oversight Committee with nothing but pro-park proponents?

If they did,  their intentions would be to subvert their promise in the ballot language of  Measure Z to provide “fiscal oversight” to the expenditure of Measure Z funds.

Instead, they should have simply created a Parks Citizen’s Committee, where they could  empanel as many of their  pro-park supporters and friends as they wish.

Understandably,  Moore and Swanson fear the fiscal criticism that  might emanate from a legitimate “oversight “committee. They only want to hear people from people who think like them.

However, Moore and Swanson have already experienced the negative consequences from accepting unfiltered advice from the Blue Ribbon Committee (“BRC”) of several years past, and apparently don’t wish to expose themselves to the political fallout  of BRC 2.0.

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As a result, we are left with square pegs in round holes. 

And Brown Act violations instead of green parks.


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