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The now infamous March 12, 2013 meeting of the Wildomar City Council Parks & Recreation Subcommittee actually involved more than one Brown Act violation.

 Over and above the shameful  implementation of a ” hub and spoke-type”  serial violation where two subcommittee members, Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, somehow induced the city manager to make contact with a third city councilmember, Tim Walker, in order to further their Great Day of Service enterprise, which they have since been forced to rescind.

The recission is, of course, a self-inflicted wound.

But, unfortunately, there is more.

According to the digital recording of the aforementioned meeting,  Wildomar Parks Oversight Committee members, Kristen West and Scott Bradstreet were present and fully engaged in the discussions facilitating the United Methodist Church’s Great Day of Service 2013.

Since there was only two of them present, their presence did not constitute a Brown Act violation, although their presence may  raise questions of their future ability to provide fiscal oversight to the very people who invited them to the secretive meeting.  

However, Bradstreet’s involvement went far beyond the ethical constraints of being a member of the Oversight Committee to  point where he became the  apparent creator of a document titled, “MARNA O’BRIEN PARK  RENOVATION PLAN JUNE 2013. “

 The extensive two page document includes the following outline:








It is a comprehensive and thorough report, consistent with Bradstreet’s purported experience in landscape design, save for one important element.

Nowhere in his report does Bradstreet suggest that the installation of newly-seeded grass would be better performed in any month other than the month of June, due to the additional, expensive watering requirements necessary for a tender grassy area to survive the months of July and August in Wildomar.

If Bradstreet attended the meeting merely as a citizen volunteer, his “renovation” plan should have been required to be checked by an independent, professional landscape engineer/architect, who would have understood the shortcomings of a June planting.

If Bradstreet attended the meeting as a member of the Oversight Committee, his obvious involvement in the Great Day of Service enterprise should render any future fiscal “oversight,” on his part moot, given that his renovation plan, if followed, would have required the expenditure of additional park funds due to the higher watering requirements, unless he  would be willing to criticize the extra expense as an afterthought.

ortunately, the recent retrenchment of the Wildomar City Council also renders Bradstreet’s renovation plan meaningless and moot, as the entire Scope of Work for park rehabilitation will now have to be re-started and conducted  in the public eye, where interested citizens can review end , if necessary, challenge every questionable element of the process proposed.

Finally, in a demonstration of the obvious need for continuous “oversight” by the citizens of Wildomar, Oversight Committee member Bradstreet attached his renovation plan to an e-mail dated March 20, 2013 to a third member of the Oversight Committee, Monty Goddard, thereby committing a “daisy chain” version of a serial Brown Act violation. In addition, within the body of his e-mail, Bradstreet inquired of  Goddard, ” Monty, let me know how you’d like to get involved with this.”

Rather than confronting the Wildomar City Council with another formal Complaint, I thought it sufficient to publicize the violation and seek, in the future, additional ethical training for the Oversight Committee, given that the members are generally political novices and political unsophisticates.

That being said, any future Brown Act violations, intentional or otherwise, will result in a formal complaint, requiring full consideration of the Wildomar City Council.

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