Former Wildomar Little League President Whines….


… And suggests that the  City of Wildomar “confiscate”  Cemetery District land and convert it into a city-owned park.

Former president of the Wildomar Little League,  Tim Underdown, did not actually use the word “confiscate” as he addressed the “insider” attendees at the recent “secretive” City Council Parks Subcommittee meeting, but his proposal that the care and maintenance of the baseball fields, currently located on Cemetery property, be taken over and be paid for by the City of Wildomar through their parks and recreation budget would amount to the confiscation of  cemetery land. (The recording was made by Wildomar’s City Clerk during the March 12, 2013 Parks Subcommittee meeting).

Underdown admitted that the “non-functioning” (a kinder, gentler synonym for “failed”)   Wildomar Little League was and is unable to pay for the water to keep their  taxpayer subsidized fields green, nor can they afford to pay for the fuel to operate the lawnmowers to keep their taxpayer subsidized fields maintained.

Let us recap the facts of life in Wildomar, as follows:

1)The Wildomar Little League is a failed sports organization .

2)Rather than conducting an examination of the reasons for a lack of  volunteerism and fund raising in Wildomar  (despite the success of similar Little League organizations in nearby cities), Underdown seeks to increase the financial contribution by the taxpayers of Wildomar.

However, self-examination can and should be conducted within the confines of the Wildomar Little League itself. The failure or success of the Little League organization does not fall within the purview or responsibility of the taxpayers of Wildomar.

As a result the pathetic demise of the Wildomar Little League should find a  correlating demise in their influence over future expenditures in the proposed re-furbishing of Marna O’Brien Park.

Underdown is heard on a tape of the parks subcommittee meeting proposing that one of the three ball fields  at Marna should be configured for baseball, including the installation of a pitcher’s mound and the use of more water intensive “baseball mix” grass seed, making that field less accessible to other park uses, as well as more costly to maintain.   

Since the current Wildomar Little League administration has failed to succeed, despite the generous “loan” of taxpayer-funded  land for baseball fields at the Wildomar Cemetery, as well as the amazing contribution of volunteer time and materials to create a unique and beautiful setting for Little League baseball at Welch Field  back  in 2005,

Wildomar Magazine suggests that Tim Underdown should be ignored, rather than giving him  an un-deserved  position of influence in the secretive discussions  about the future of parks in Wildomar.

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