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On June 01, 2013, members of several local Methodist churches will be bringing their proselytizing outreach, known as the  Great Day Of Service 2013   to Wildomar’s Marina O’Brien Park. As you know, the late Marina O’Brien was an early pioneer of community activism in the community of Wildomar and, quite obviously, one of Wildomar’s parks is named in her honor.

According to their website, church volunteers will be “painting playgrounds” and “building shade structures.”

For confirmation, please click on the following link:


Since “painting playgrounds” makes little sense  as a description of their proposed efforts, I sought verification of their proposed activities by referring to the Wildomar City Council minutes recounting the public deliberation and  city council discussion which occurred when this matter came before the Wildomar City Council  for consideration and approval.

 However,  in yet another display of  pro-park impatience, the Wildomar City Council has yet to consider  this matter in a public meeting, so those minutes to not exist.

It appears that the  City of Wildomar is adapting its park rehabilitation schedule to the unrelated volunteer project schedule  of a group of churches, who exist outside the borders of Wildomar, without the benefit of any legitimate City Council approval conducted in a public, such as a City Council meeting, in accordance with the law.

According to officials at City Hall, the leadership of the volunteer group is appropriately requiring a commitment from the City of Wildomar so that their volunteer efforts will be properly maintained by the city. However,  since the funding from Measure Z will not arrive in Wildomar until early 2014,  it appears that the Wildomar City Council  should have addressed the potential expenditure of public funds in order to meet that reasonable requirement.

Going back to  the church volunteer’s scope of work of “building shade structures,”  a number of questions arise, as follows:

 1) Who will be designing the proposed shade structures? After all, the health and safety of our citizens, including children, must be protected.

 2) Will a building permit have to be pulled from the City of Wildomar?

3) Will building inspectors from the City of Wildomar approve the proper installation of the shade structures ?

 For a visual context of what the proposed Great Day of Service 2013  will entail, we need only to reference the following YouTube video from  last year’s Great Day of Service 2012, produced by one of the volunteers , as follows:


The fact that this volunteer project already has a dedicated website confirms that  discussions have already occurred between “somebody”   representing the City of Wildomar and the Methodist Church-based volunteer group, without the benefit of a properly-agendized City Council meeting authorizing such discussions reflects the  disregard for community deliberation prior to the expenditure of taxpayer funds for maintenance and the proposed construction of  shade structures in a city park.

According to my sources, this matter came before the Parks  Subcommittee (consisting of councilmembers Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson) in a secret meeting that  included a few “select” members of the Citizens Parks “Oversight?” Committee, but was never presented to the  City Council for approval.

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Marna, or Marina, whatever, must be turning over in her grave.

(Editor’s note: As of 2:00 PM, as I was sitting in a Orange County Superior Court, monitoring a defense attorney, and his experts, on behalf of the insurance company that hired them , as well as myself,I double checked on the RE-THINK CHURCH website and noticed that the GREAT DAY OF SERVICE 2013 website has been corrected so that the local non-Wildomar Methodists are no longer dishonoring the memory of the late Marna O’Brien by misspelling her name).


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