Saving More $$ Than Measure Z Takes In…


…Without raising your taxes a single penny.

This year’s City of Wildomar Budget Workshop will be held this evening at Wildomar City Hall.

According to a recent Californian article,   City Manager Gary Nordquist “is hoping for ample feedback” from this evening’s workshop .

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 With tonight’s budget workshop in mind, I have re-calculated my previous presentation on the potential savings to the City of Wildomar by having its own municipal animal control service, rather than continuing to participate in the paying of the  $15,ooo,ooo mortgage for the “puppy and kitty Taj Mahal,” built by the Animal Friends of the Valleys, through their enablers formally known as the Southwest Communities Finance Authority.

Using numbers taken from the Budget Agenda Packet for the November 14, 2012  City Council meeting, according to my calculations, the cost for  a “Wildomar-sized”animal control service would cost approximately $165,000 annually,  with an offset of an additional $80,000 in dog license revenues currently ceded to  Animal Friends, reducing the “net cost “to  less than  $100,000 per year.

In direct contrast , the 2011-12 Budget for Animal Control was $354,300 , which did not include the $80,000 in revenues for the sales of dog licenses, making the total cost for continued participation with Animal Friends a total of $434,300, which is almost 5 times more than it would cost the City of Wildomar to provide its own animal control services .

In terms of raw savings, it would amount to a savings nearly $nearly $350,000 annually, which exceeds the reported potential income from Measure Z.

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For a City Council to recently brag to Congressman Calvert that their budget surplus for the  entire last year was only $1700, saving  $348,300 should get their attention.


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