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Perhaps the Wildomar Little League could turn this season’s unfortunate “darkness” into a period of contemplation, introspection and ,ultimately, rejuvenation  by researching, and adopting, the innovative fundraising method reported in a recent article in the Californian about a nearby public school’s successful utilization of sponsors, instead of continuously resorting to economically insufficient, and outmoded, fundraising techniques.

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According to Murrieta’s E. Hale Curran  Principal, “Organizers this year instituted a sponsorship fee system rather than sending students out into neighborhoods soliciting pledges, Principal David Koltovich said. The cost of sponsoring one student was $25.”

Along the same lines, Wildomar City Manager  Gary Nordquist, in the recent past, was contacted by an organization that would create a system of sponsors in the City of Wildomar, who would pledge their financial support for individual athletes , thereby providing a very positive connection  between our young athletes and the rest of the community.

If you recall, we included that information  in our “pre-Measure Z” original suggestion that the care and upkeep of Marna O’Brien Park could be accomplished by the young athletes of the various sports leagues, while developing the aforementioned “Nordquist”   community-wide, and community-building, sponsorship program.

 Unfortunately, rather than exploring the possibilities, a number of sports league officials, including those of the Wildomar Little League, descended on the next Budget Study Session being conducted at City Hall during to wring their hands and whine about the lack of taxpayer-funded parks in Wildomar.

 And now, two years later , despite the advantage of  their own baseball fields, rather than tossing baseballs, the Wildomar Little League  has “tossed in the towel.”

Principal Koltovich, and his PTA,  have exhibited the benefits of innovative thinking.

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 I am sure that City Manager Nordquist still  has the contact information for that organization.


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