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I attended last evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting, but left in disgust after a single hour of chaotic municipal follies.

 Mayor Tim Walker, ever the wisecracking jokester, even managed to crack wise about  his personal inquiry of the  Wildomar Fire Chief  about burning a stack tumbleweeds on his property, by adding a giggling comment on whether or not the smoke arising therefrom would be white or black.   Any Catholic resident of Wildomar could/should take umbrage over his  flippant comment involving  the Catholic  religion in a public meeting.

Beyond that, Walker is unable to control is public meeting, allowing even the non-agendized Public Comment portion of the agenda to degenenerate into an unrestrained gabfest.  Fortunately, the” ever-so-gentle” City Attorney finally intervened snf  “ever-so-gently” rebuked the Mayor for his failure to follow the rules of public meetings.

 Even more disturbing, was the ongoing parade of angry Autumnwood Tract homeowners who took the opportunity to berate Former Mayor Ben Benoit for bringing  the Air Quality Management District (” AQMD”) to their initial meeting with city officials, and for failing to produced their desired result.

For a brief moment, I even contemplated arising to defend Benoit but, given the homeowner anger being displayed, I determined that Benoit would sooner learn his political lesson of not being so quick to jump in front of “every ” political parade, by permitting him to dangle on his own self-inflicted petard.

 It seemed like the meeting was an endless string of chaotic events until  Councilmember Marsha Swanson spoke, foolishly exposing the lack of integrity  that will render the Wildomar Parks Citizen’s Oversight Committee meaningless.

Swanson disclosed a recent  secret Parks Subcommittee ( consisting of  Swanson and her Council sidekick,  Bridgette Moore) meeting, for which there was no public notice, and the “coincidental” appearance of several, un-named members of the Oversight Committee, apparently resulted  in the proposed deployment of up to 500 “volunteers” to perform rehabilitation work on  each of Wildomar’s three parks.

It is beyond believability to simply overlook and accept the coincidental happenstance that a City Council subcommittee meeting could be secretly conducted,  while at the same time, several of the supposedly independent fiscal Oversight Committee members managed to  have knowledge of the secret meeting in order to attend and discuss the deployment of 500 volunteers.

 As a result of Swanson and Moore’s inability to conduct themselves appropriately as elected officials, it appears that Wildomar Magazine will have to continue to be an “oversight”   committee of one on behalf of the Citizens of Wildomar.

 Given the results of my recent Breakfast With Santa inquiry, citizens should come to expect and anticipate more embarrassing disclosures.

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 Unless the members of the Oversight Committee can quickly learn to conduct themselves as an “independent”  body, their “oversight “will be rendered moot.


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