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… which is itself a “front organization” for a local barbecue contest entrepreneur.

According to the City Council Agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting, the City of Wildomar is seeking a license from the County of Riverside because it “desires to have a space available for the conduct of City periodic or private events sponsored by the City…”

Apparently, the Wildomar City Council is about to officially blur the lines between their public duties as our elected officials, and their personal and private obsessions as members and officers of a “service” club, which has repeatedly, and willingly, extended their Rotary Club imprimatur to a privately run organization, which specializes in barbecue contests.

According to the website for the Rotary Club of Wildomar, the following:

Rotary President (2013-14), Wildomar City Councilmember Ben Benoit

Public Relations Director,  Wildomar City Councilmember Bridgette Moore

Membership Director , EVMWD Director Andy Morris

The Rotary Foundation, BBQ entrepreneur Henry Sylvestre

(There are more, if you scan the entire list of Rotary positions).

Please click on the following link to confirm: 


Despite having suffered the embarrassment of extraordinary media disclosure of substandard monetary protocols arising from the recent Breakfast with Santa debacle, the City of Wildomar is on the verge of officially exploiting itself to be the “front” for an ongoing series of barbecue events, hosted by the Rotary Club of Wildomar.

In fact, go back to the link to the Rotary Club of Wildomar website and you will notice that the “4th Annual BBQ will be held in Wildomar CA at the County Transportation yard,” the same location and County Transportation facility which is the subject of this evening’s agenda.

Barbecue events, such as the one promoted by the Rotary Club of Wildomar, are shrewd cash-driven events, where event contestants provide tiny portions of their barbecued meat products to the public members in attendance, who have paid a $5 entry fee, plus an additional $20, or more, to sample the tiny portions.

I personally don’t give a darn if the few  silly adolescents that comprise the Rotary Club of Wildomar are able to raise money for their various programs, while sacrificing their club’s integrity for  an “unrelated stream of income.”

However, the City of Wildomar should not be co-facilitator of this ongoing enterprise, unless and until the City is provided fiscal assurance with an appropriate accounting, and oversight, of the cash handling procedures at every level of the event, starting from the entry gate, continuing through the financial records of the Rotary Club of Wildomar, as well as the event’s specific closing financial records from the BBQ enterprise itself.

Without that level of transparency and disclosure, any future revelation of questionable monetary procedures and protocols, will also stain and taint the City of Wildomar.

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If a smalltime operation such as Breakfast with Santa, grossing less than $1100, can create a municipal firestorm, think what municipal embarrassment can arise from a tenfold, or a hundredfold factor of financial foibles might  produce.

Henry Silvestre can put on all of the BBQ events he desires.

I just don’t think the City of Wildomar should do anything more than issue an event permit, for an appropriate fee, while making sure the appropriate County Health permits and procedures are in place for the protection of event attendees.


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