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Confirming what was known to the parents of little league-age boys, but generally kept on the “down low” from the general public, yesterday’ s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch article officially chronicles the demise of the Wildomar Little League (” WLL”).

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Despite the use of the benign-sounding euphemism that the WLL is “going dark this year,” this local failure comes in the context of nearby Little League successes, to the extent that Wildomar’s young baseball players have already joined Little League teams in Lake Elsinore, Canyon Lake, and Murrieta.

One of the historical reasons for the historical animosity of Wildomar’s voters, who repeatedly voted against recent park measures, such as Measure D, probably finds its genesis from the days that the “leadership” of past generations of Wildomar Little League parents produced the rancorous leaders of the OrtegaTrails Recreation & Parks District (“OTRPD”), such as former OTRPD President Sam Romero, who would invite any critical Citizen of Wildomar, regardless of  their age or gender, out into the parking lot of Marna O’Brien Park for a physical altercation at the conclusion of the public meeting.

In addition, when a supposed “reform” slate of  OTRPD candidates, took office,they immediately attempted to increase the assessment amount paid annually by the local taxpayers, permanently eroding any remaining goodwill.

Currently, according to some of my sources, there have been complaints of favoritism for local teams whose coaches and/or players attended Cornerstone Community Church.

Whatever the cause or causes of this failure, it is mirrored in the concurrent failure of the spirit of volunteerism has apparently doomed the efforts of the hard-working volunteers of the Friends For Wildomar Parks, who has relinquished control of Marna O’Brien Park back to the City of Wildomar, effective March 01, 2013, yet left with a residue of approximately $15,000 of debt to local utilities.

Certainly the state of the economy has a lot to do with this circumstance, yet other local leagues appear to thrive in the same economic conditions.

However, despite their decision to “go dark,” the Wildomar Little League must continue to live up to the terms of their agreement with the Wildomar Cemetery District, including adequate watering and landscape maintenance for the next year, or experience the negative consequences of breaching their contract with the generous taxpayers of the Cemetery District.

They can “go dark” for a year, but they can’t go “dry” without breaching their contract.

In an ironic twist of municipal logic, the Wildomar City Council’s decision to refuse to reimburse local property owners up to $56 for tax monies collected under the court-deemed illegal tax assessment, will now come back to haunt them. The operative City Council theory was based on the theory that since not every parcel was taxed under the old 2006 assessment, any reimbursement of the $56 obligation from the General Fund (collected from “all” residents of Wildomar) would be unfair to the residents.

In the same manner, the Wildomar Cemetery District (even as a subsidiary of the City of Wildomar) is not supported by “all” of Wildomar residents. In fact, there are taxpayers who reside in the Lakeland Village area, whose taxes support the Wildomar Cemetery District. Further, some residents of Wildomar pay taxes which end up in the Lake Elsinore Cemetery District.

As result, unless the Wildomar Little League continue to adequately maintain that portion of the Wildomar Cemetery District grounds, the Board of Trustees of the Wildomar Cemetery District will be compelled by their fiduciary responsibility to their particular taxpayers to sever their contractual agreement with the Wildomar Little League, triggering the obligation of the Wildomar Little League to remove their fences and backstops from the Cemetery grounds.

Any suggestion that the City of Wildomar could expend tax dollars generated from a limited Wildomar Cemetery Special District taxpayer base, or even Measure Z funds, to maintain Wildomar Little League playing fields for the next year, would be the pinnacle of economic and municipal hypocrisy, if not illegal.

And likely to generate a formal complaint to the Attorney General of the State of California, who would have jurisdiction over a California State Special District.

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 One of the most informative comments on the aforementioned Patch article was made by “T,” (probably made by Tim Underdown, past president of the Wildomar Little League), providing some insight into how and why taxpayer-funded Wildomar Cemetery District land was made accessible to a sports league.


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