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Last evening, the Wildomar Planning Commission met for the first time in nearly 5 months to consider the application for a significant residential development which will alter the semi-rural environment near the semi-rural Farm community, which sits on the eastern edge of Wildomar.

Unfortunately, 40% of the Planning Commission was absent from the deliberation process.

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First, newly-appointed (a Bridgette Moore appointment) Planning Commissioner Bobby Swann missed an opportunity to garner experience in the Planning Commission deliberation process, even if his lack of experience as a Planning  Commissioner compelled him to remain silent.

Second, Planning Commission Vice Chair Michael Kazmier (a Marsha Swanson appointment) missed an opportunity to hear the concerns of some community members, even if his lack of understanding of the Planning process compelled him to remain silent.

Third, Planning Commissioner Veronica Langworthy (a Tim Walker appointment) missed an opportunity to formulate her own questions about the project, preferring, by her own words, to reference the spoken concerns of some community members. Her “I agree with them” posture should have, in retrospect, compelled her to silence,

Fourth, Planning Commission Chair Stan Smith (a Ben Benoit appointment), currently under a code enforcement inquiry for an unresolved acre-sized collection of construction debris on his rural property (it’s visible from outer space), concluded the meeting with unseemly enthusiasm for the project. Earlier in the evening, Smith disclosed pre-meeting contact with the applicant and his consultants.

Fifth, and fortunately, Planning Commissioner Bob Devine (a Bob Cashman appointee) displayed the appropriate attitude of inquiry that should be the hallmark of a functional Planning Commission.

Alas, inquiry does not appear to be the foremost mental attribute of appointees who are generally drawn from the real estate industry.

Rather than continue the process for another 30-60 days in which time the Planning Commissioners could further explore some of the specific issues raised by outspoken critics of the project, the three Commissioners present unsurprisingly voted 3-0 to approve the project, leaving some members of the community contemplating future litigation as a result.

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