Bridgette’s New Planning Commissioner…. UPDATE!!



One of the unanticipated side effects of being a newly-appointed Planning Commissioner, after the euphoria and excitement of the appointment has worn off, is the eventual realization that anything you say or anything you do is fair game for the public spotlight.

Bridgette Moore recently replaced longtime Planning Commissioner Harv Dykstra with with one of her adolescent friends, Bobby Swann III (reportedly, he is an avid video “gamer,” a hobby usually abandoned by the age of majority).

Unsurprisingly and unfortunately, Swann has already foolishly taken to the pages of the local media (despite having only one Planning Commission meeting under his belt), already publicly commenting on the merits of  the Oak Creek Canyon project, which will soon be formally presented for approval  to the Wildomar Planning Commission.

Please click on the following link to thes Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, for your amusement:

First, and foremost, Swann is potentially violating the Brown Act, if his commentary is read by other members of the Planning Commission and, as a result, they become aware of, and influenced by, his thought processes outside of a properly-agendized public meeting.

Second, and most personally embarrassing, is his mis-usage/mis-spelling of a proper acronym for the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (“TUMF”). 

In Swann’s case, his usage of the heretofore unknown acronym for Tooth Under My Pillow (“TUMP”), is oddly reminiscent of a pre-adolescent, hand-scribbled note to a mythical Creature (shown above), providing directions to the Creature to the appropriate location for a pre-dawn monetary exchange (usually, a quarter) for a recently-ejected baby tooth.

Third, this proposed development would only improve a 1 mile length of Bundy Canyon Road and the Canyon Creek project has actually nothing to do with the eventual improvement/widening of the entire stretch of Bundy Canyon Road from  Interstate 15 east to the Menifee border.

Perhaps Councilmember Moore, or someone on city staff, should provide counsel to Swann regarding the Brown Act and, at the very least, encourage him to educate himself more about his appointed position before engaging the media.

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Attention Farm residents. Based on Swann’s commentary  in the  Patch, the  irrevocable Planning Commission approval for a permanent displacement/disruption of your semi-rural lifestyle is moving forward.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As of 3:00 PM on Tuesday, March 05, 2013, Bobby Swann, or someone on his behalf, had removed all  of the inappropriate (for a sitting Planning Commissioner) comments from the Patch article. Apparently, “another” Lesson Learned!!)


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