Almost before the ink is dry on the check mark behind their names, and certainly before any public meeting conducted by the Wildomar Citizens Oversight Committee, one of the newly appointed committee members, John Lloyd, has begun to undermine the “oversight” aspect of the committee’s raison d’être.

In recent comments to the Californian, Lloyd foolishly expresses the latent subversion of the ballot-measure based Watchdog “promise” to Wildomar’s taxpayers, made in exchange for their Yes vote on Measure Z.

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For instance, consider the following comments by Lloyd, with my responsive comments (in bold, blue):

1)”Initially, it means trying to push through and get the parks open as soon as we can and as cost effectively as possible,” he said.” (The inherent promise of a fiscal watchdog committee in Measure Z does not include being a City Council-endorsed extension of the underperforming Citizens For Wildomar Parks volunteer group. As a Commissioner of the parks group, Lloyd may not be able to restrain himself from his unfettered pro-park exuberance, a normally positive attribute which may be out of place in this particular instance.)

Please click on the following link for confirmation of Lloyd’s well-documented involvement in the Citizens For Wildomar Parks:


2) “Lloyd said he expects city administrators will present the committee with an action plan when it holds its first meeting sometime in March.” (Why would a fiscal oversight committee want or need an “action plan” from an unnamed city administrator for guidance? What conversation has apparently already taken place, and with whom, does the information about the presentation of an action plan derive. If I were one of the other committee members, I would demand that information from Lloyd and, at the same time, that I would tell him to stop making public comments on behalf of the Committee, unless he specifies he is speaking only as a private individual.)

3) “We need to make sure that those funds also will be spent correctly, but until they give us a plan of action, we won’t know how things are actually going to go.” (If John Lloyd does not yet understand the specific, and limited, scope of work of a fiscal oversight committee, his mutual, if not prearranged, selection by both Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, reflects the political and fiscal subterfuge intended by the Wildomar City Council to diminish any effective criticism on the part of the oversight Committee.)

Fortunately for the citizen taxpayers of Wildomar, Wildomar Magazine will continue to be a Fiscal Oversight Committee of One on their behalf, as in the recent, ongoing inquiry into the handling, or mishandling, of public funds, (in this case, cash) generated from the December 2012 Breakfast With Santa.

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The citizens and taxpayers of Wildomar were promised a fiscal watchdog, not a city council lapdog.


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