Mayor Saved From A “Whiff” by…


 in a rare moment of lucidity and sensibilityWildomar City Councilmember Marsha Swanson saved Mayor Tim Walker from having to promote her and her colleague, Bridgette Moore’s co-mutual selection to the Wildomar Citizens Oversight Committee, pro-park tax proponent/activist, John Lloyd, as the Chairman for the important first year in existence of the oversight committee.

As the agenda item came up last Wednesday evening, Swanson quickly interjected herself into the midst of the staff report being presented by City Manager Gary Nordquist, who was describing the previously agreed-to protocol (put in place by Swanson and Moore themselves, as Parks subcommittee members) requiring Mayor Walker to select the Chairman of the committee, and proposed instead that the citizen committee itself should choose the Chairman at the first meeting, thereby properly overturning/subverting her own recommendation.

Lest you have forgotten, Wildomar Magazine had already addressed the municipal insanity of such a corrupt protocol. (See January Archives, and scroll down to the January 26, 2013 WM article “Teed Up For Mayor Walker” to review/confirm).

Fortunately for the citizen taxpayers of Wildomar, Councilmember Swanson appears to  be an occasional reader of Wildomar’s preeminent commentarian, yours truly, Zak Turango.

Sadly, the multiple opportunities for golf-based double entendre satirical and parodic humor have been lost to my Dear Readers with Swanson’s intervention.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the “behind- the-scenes” political lobbying to the committee members to put  Bridgette’s right-hand man, John Lloyd, in the Chair.

Today’s Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Press Enterprise reporter Nelsy Rodriguez has written an informative article about the new appointees, as follows:

Comments can be made to

Rest assured, Dear Readers, I will be covering Oversight Committee meeting for you, in order to report and comment on the process and outcome.

 For the record, based on my observation, Mayor Walker appeared to be relieved by Swanson’s intervention.


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