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If you haven’t noticed, Wildomar Magazine is not prone to take sides with  government bureaucrats. I generally prefer to mock them.

However, last evening, as I attended the city-facilitated meeting between the AutumnWood tract homeowners and representatives of appropriately responsive state and county agencies, such as the Air Quality Management District (“AQMD”) and the Department of Toxic Substances Control (“DTSC”) it became clear to me that this is, or should be, the end of this particular road for the homeowners.

As you may know, the two aforementioned agencies have conducted forensic testing in at least three of the homes in the Autumnwood tract, responding to allegations the presence of toxic chemicals and the soils underneath the homes.

Please click on the following link to a recent Californian article for context:

After the presentations by the various agency representatives, the homeowners in attendance were given an opportunity to  address the representatives. Not surprisingly, the complaints and allegations by the Autumnwood homeowners were repeated in detail, generally duplicating the complaints and allegations from the initial meeting last month.

I do recall one of the homeowners demanding that the DTSC continue to spend (taxpayer) money until the homeowner allegations have been confirmed.

The ongoing frustration demonstrated by the Autumnwood homeowners is certainly understandable.

 However, in my opinion, the venting of their frustration in the attempt to force the DTSC to continue testing their soils, despite the lack of scientific evidence of the need to do so is comparable to demanding that an ostrich fly because it’s a bird.

These homeowners have pulled all the levers of political influence within their grasp but continue to be unhappy, and frustrated, with the outcome.

Since they already have engaged the services of a law firm, at this point in time, they are free to continue their quest for legal redress through the Courts.

Therein lies their dilemma. Clearly this type of litigation is expert-driven, which is quite expensive.

Rather than continuing to flog these particular bureaucrats into flying “air cover” for their litigation battle, the homeowners should retain their own experts.

Foolishly, all that they have done so far is to create a growing body of evidence that there is no scientific basis for their allegations.

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Personally, I thought that repeatedly addressing DTSC representative and Branch Manager, John Scandura , by only using his surname “Scandura,” was disrespectful and undignified.

Despite the disrespect, Mr. Scandura retained his professional demeanor in his responses.

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