Avoiding The Taint And Stain Of…

January 20, 2013



For those of you old enough to remember, or those of you who have lived in Wildomar before “political” newcomers, such as Ben Benoit, (2010) Tim Walker (2010), and even Bridgette Moore (2001) arrived on scene, the residents of Wildomar have sought to distance themselves from its tawdry northern neighbor, Lake Elsinore.

As a matter of fact, the community of Wildomar was granted formal status as an  “Unincorporated Community of Interest” long before it considered incorporation as a city, in order to prevent the annexation of Wildomar by some greedy Lake Elsinore  politicians (real estate agents and developer interests) in Lake Elsinore.

In effect, what the real estate hustlers wanted was access to Bundy Canyon Road and its potential commercial development from Mission Trail to the Interstate 15 freeway for its proposed 9400 home development in the Back Bay formerly known as Liberty.

Fortunately, Liberty has been pared down by approximately 50% and is now known as Summerly. Nevertheless, the reasons there are traffic lights nearly every 50 feet on Mission Trail is to handle traffic from Summerly.

Recognition of the taint and stain is found in the various, and well-deserved, monikers for Lake Elsinore, such as “Lake Smellsomemore,” and my personal favorite, since I created it back in the day when I was the prime contributor for Elsinore Magazine, “Sh*tville, inhabited by Sh*tvillians.”

For the record, most Wildomarians have little desire to have any physical proximity, or political and economic connection to, Lake Elsinore. Planning Commissioner Harv Dykstra led a successful movement in the 1990s to get a separate zip code for Wildomar, apart from the zip code for Lake Elsinore.

Current City council member Bob Cashman, at one point in the recent past, wanted to claim ownership of Elsinore High School, and to rename it  Wildomar High School, since it sits within Wildomar’s new boundaries.

As a Trustee of the Board of Trustees for the Wildomar Cemetery Special District, myself, current Planning Commissioner Stan Smith, and Community Services Director Paula Willette, successfully resisted Riverside County pressure to merge the Wildomar Cemetery  with the Lake Elsinore Cemetery Special District.

Now, foolishly, the ignorant, paid bureaucrats of the Western Riverside Council Of Governments (“WRCOG”) and their equally ignorant, paid consultants are attempting to foist the concept of “West Wildomar,” as a potential center of our city at the “northern” intersection of Bundy Canyon Road and Mission Trail, thereby reversing the trend of separation from Lake Elsinore, and to facilitate Wildomar being sucked back into the swirl and vortex of crime and corruption-ridden Sh*tville.

Please click on the following link to a recent Press Enterprise article for confirmation:


Unfortunately for the long-term citizens of Wildomar, who have historically made it clear that we want nothing to do with Sh*tville, the numbskull elected officials at Wildomar City Hall are in the process of earning their own special moniker for Wildomar, “Dumbsh*tville.

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There is a reason why all of our sewers drain to Lake Elsinore.

It’s not just because of gravity.


Managing Litigation’s Cost And…..

January 19, 2013


I have spent the last 20 years of my business career as an Insurance Claims professional in a very specific niche; managing litigation (and lawyers) arising from homeowner’s construction defect lawsuits against developers and subcontractors on behalf of their insurance carriers.

What I have learned over the past two decades are some useful litigation strategies which can restrain the exorbitant cost of litigation and, in some cases, put an early end to the litigation, through the filing of motions.

In the current case of Martha Bridges et al. v. City of Wildomar, legal defense counsel for the City of Wildomar has recently filed their Answer to the original Complaint by raising a potential defense on the basis of the expiration of various Statutes of Limitations.

Please click on the following link to yesterday’s Californian article for context and confirmation:


Notice, if you will, the two legal theories cited by defense counsel in the Answer, as follows:

1) “Under the Election Code, a challenge to the results of an election must be brought within 30 days of the date that the election results are declared.”

Having personally read the original Complaint, plaintiffs are not challenging the results of the November 2009 election; they are challenging the legality of the election itself.

2) if #1 above does not apply, according to the city legal counsel, then a three-year Statute of Limitations would be applicable, but the plaintiffs apparently “missed the deadline by two days.”

Displaying the chest-thumping bravado of a curbside legal expert, Mayor Tim “Mad Dog”  Walker, whose first newspaper quote as the new mayor of Wildomar is to disparage the validity of a citizen’s lawsuit, the City of Wildomar will expend approximately $50,000 in protracted legal gymnastics, when the City’s legal team has a viable tool within their grasp which could limit the legal expense and  potentially put an end to the dispute.

It is within the power of the City of Wildomar, through their City Council members, to direct their legal counsel to file a Motion for Summary Judgment (“MSJ”), in effect, a far less expensive “mini-trial,” seeking the Court’s immediate determination that the various Statutes of Limitations are operative in this case.

Please click on the following link to review:


Quite naturally, there is a downside to the filing of a MSJ. If the Court disagrees with the City, the prospect of winning at trial is vastly diminished, if not extinguished, leaving the City with little alternative but negotiation, yet without much in the way of leverage.

So Mayor Walker can stop his handwringing and whining about the cost of litigation and can lead his council colleagues into giving direction to their legal counsel to file the MSJ and potentially put an end to the dispute.

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My guess would be Mad Dog doesn’t have the experience or political legal nerve to give such astute direction to legal counsel, fearing an adverse outcome (i.e. that Martha Bridges may be legally correct).

And legal counsel would, in my opinion, prefer to invoice and bill for protracted litigation, whatever the outcome. (After all, they are first and foremost, lawyers).

Wildomar’s Sad Legacy Of…

January 16, 2013



I was present at last week’s City Council meeting to observe the “passing of the gavel” ceremony between former Mayor Ben Benoit and newly-appointed Mayor Tim “Mad Dog” Walker, who immediately turned the usually august moment into a comedy routine.

One of the key points mentioned during the ceremony was that Walker is the sixth Mayor of Wildomar to hold that ceremonial position.

Therefore, I  thought it would be a good time to do a re-capitulation of Wildomar’s sad legacy of sub-standard mayors,  in the order of their “ascendancy” to the middle seat at the council dais, as follows:


1) Mayor Bob Cashman, Wildomar’s First Mayor is an excessively mild-mannered, genuinely intelligent and formally educated individual, whose tepid mannerisms have only earned him the utter, and dismissive, disdain of his uneducated City Council colleagues.

2) Mayor Scott Farnam, Wildomar’s Rhinestone Cowboy Mayor, whose predilection for physical violence led to reports of parking lot brawls and personal skirmishes at the former Bikini Beach Club bar in Lake Elsinore, which eventually “culminated,” in my opinion, in a  dastardly personal physical assault on yours truly on December 08, 2009, which resulted in a formal police report and investigation. In addition, his reputation, according to my sources, among Lake Elsinore locals, as the “drunken Mayor of Wildomar” was the result of evenings of liquid consumption at Pepe’s Restaurant and Bar in Canyon Lake.

3) Mayor Bridgette Moore, Wildomar’s adolescent teenage princess, who reportedly often joined Farnam at Pepe’s, likely achieved her best moment as Mayor, when she appointed a barnyard goat-like animal  to be the Mayor for the Day (ironically, perhaps our best-qualified Mayor, although, admittedly, I don’t have evidence of any of our mayors (including the goat) soiling City Hall’s carpets with fecal pellets) during her tenure.

Bridgette is also directly responsible for leading Wildomar into the ill-conceived and exorbitant participation with the Animal friends of the Valleys, operated by the Southwest Communities Finance Authority.

4) Mayor Marsha Swanson, whose “success” in the parasitic world of real estate sales (why should anyone take a 6% commission of the value, based on a sale price of  your house that you have cared and paid for?) does not equate to success in the “real” business world, appears to be the equally fatuous, older, big sister to the adolescent teenage princess, Mayor Bridgette Moore.

5) Mayor Ben Benoit just completed a remarkably unremarkable year as Mayor, save for the personal, political resume enhancements and appointments facilitated by his family name, rather than by his personal accomplishments.

6) Mayor Tim Walker, the wisecracking (when not manifesting anger)  City Councilman has merely shifted his amateurish comedy act to the chair  to his right and will inadvertently achieve his quest to become known as the Buffoon Mayor of Wildomar.

The aforementioned litany of underachieving, dysfunctional ceremonial Mayors is the primary reason why I voted against incorporation in 2008.

I was always afraid that this was going to happen.

I just didn’t know how bad it could be.

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If these characters don’t take city governance seriously, why should we?

$aving Real Dollar$….

January 11, 2013



Yesterday’s Press Enterprise article on Wednesday evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting included a recounting of a “cheer” emanating from the small audience in attendance, over the announcement of a monthly savings of $1700, apparently as a result of increased gasoline sales tax revenue.

Please click on the following link for confirmation and context:


If you do the math ($1700 times 12 months), amounts to a modest but positive budgetary impact of $20,400 per year.

 However, with the voluntary departure of former City Manager Frank Oviedo, and the promotion of current City Manager Gary Nordquist, the City of Wildomar is saving $20,800 per month, which will have a much more meaningful positive budgetary impact of $125,000 in the current fiscal year, and $250,000 for the next fiscal year.

Now “that” is something to cheer about.

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 Lest you forget, on October 27, 2011 (“Re-Thinking Wildomar; Competitiveness”), I had fearlessly recommended the elimination of Oviedo’s position in order to achieve this very savings.

Please click on the following link, if you desire, and scroll down to this particular article, for confirmation:


If you think there is no power to ideas which emanate from outside the limited confines of Wildomar’s elected officials and staff, you would be mistaken.

Frank Oviedo assuredly understood such “power” and utilized control over  his as-yet relatively undamaged resume to wisely take advantage of a serendipitous opportunity to relocate in another city, albeit taking a lesser position than the one he formerly held in Wildomar.

For the record, there are still two more opportunities for future cheerable budget events; 1) Moving the Wildomar City Hall  to  Marna O’Brien Park (saving $100,000 + per year in lease payments) and 2) Seceding from theAnimal Friends/Southwest Communities Finance Authority (saving $250,000 +  per year in bond mortgage payments).

Think Twice… Before Wildomar Installs….

January 8, 2013



At the recent Wildomar City Council Parks Subcommittee meeting, conducted by city council members Marsha Swanson and Bridgette Moore, the issue of park rehabilitation was addressed by Community Services Director (a non-employee position) Paula Willette, who apparently is attempting to secure grants for the installation of “rubberized bark/mulch” under and around the playground equipment at the Marna O’Brien, Heritage Regency and, eventually, Windsong Parks.

As usual, after a modest amount of digging around on the Internet, it appears that there is a reasonable concern about the potentially detrimental health effects on children that the use of rubberized bark/mulch would create.

Please click on the following link for confirmation in context:


One of the more ironic dangers is the potential negative effect on the mental development of small children if exposed to the chemicals contained within these ground up tire pellets.

Before the City installs this stuff, despite reports of a preliminary telephone call to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, the City of Wildomar should make exhaustive written contacts with agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) before they gratuitously utilize this chemical waste on our children’s playgrounds.

At the very least, if they install it, they should comply with Proposition 65 by also installing a warning sign, putting unwary parents on notice of the potential exposures.

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This stuff will burn, if ignited by vandals, producing copious, toxic smoke.


Political Indescretion Is…

January 6, 2013




Lest you assumed that my support for the change of status for the Wildomar Cemetery District to become a subsidiary district to the City of Wildomar in any way reduced my interest in keeping Cemetery property free from the  intrusion of political activity, you would be incorrect.

On a recent sidetrip to personally “oversee” the degenerating condition of the Wildomar Little League-maintained Welch Field, I was disturbed to find political signage in support of Measure Z, provided and paid for by Citizens For Wildomar’s Parks, according to the “small print” on the bottom of the political signage depicted above, which is improperly attached to Cemetery property.

Such disregard for the sanctity and decorum which should be afforded to any property that is part of the cemetery grounds is an unfortunate manifestation of the unrestrained and adolescent “pro-park” mentality that is so pervasive in, and detrimental to, the community of Wildomar.

The leadership of the Wildomar Little League (does it still exist?) and/or Citizens for Wildomar Parks should immediately remove the offensive political signage.

And should be ashamed for their thoughtless desecration of Wildomar’s beautiful cemetery grounds for crass political purposes.

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As a sidenote, in what can only be described as a sad irony, the Wildomar Little League chose not to contribute labor, as an organization, in the “all hands on deck” volunteer effort to maintain Marna O’Brien Park, citing their parochial limitations in maintaining their own ballfields at Welch Field, displaying the unfortunate “disconnect” between the unlimited generosity of Wildomar’s taxpayers ($1 per year to lease acres of Cemetery District land and the passage of Measure Z) and the narrow interests of the various sports leagues.

Citizens Raise Concerns About Invasion Of Privacy..

January 4, 2013


Throughout the day yesterday, as the application for interested citizens to be a part of the Wildomar Citizens Oversight Committee was made available on the city’s website and publicized by various local media, a common thread of concern was raised by the intrusive questions which appear to be a requirement to participate on the oversight committee, in particular, the requirement to provide a personal Social Security number and your California driver’s license number.

Please click on the following brief article by the Californian, published yesterday and take the time to read the citizen comments attached:


Apparently the problem is that these applications will be provided to the Wildomar City Council members as a part of their agenda packets and, therefore, makes each application subject to, and available to, any person who makes a formal request under the California Public Records Act.

As a result, it is possible that personal identification information could inadvertently be released to others who have no right to such private information. Such a release of personal information could actually create legal liability for damages, on the part of the city, should an applicant be subsequently victimized by identity theft.

In a world where we have to shred our junk mail to prevent identity theft, the request for such information in order to participate in a Citizens Oversight Committee is excessive and onerous.

Comments can be made to zakturango@excite.com.

Requiring this type of information suppresses the desire to serve as a volunteer on the Citizens Advisory Committee, which may be the point of requiring the information in the first place.

I would suggest that the first qualifying act of “citizens oversight” would be to submit your application to volunteer, if you so desire, without including such profoundly personal information.