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Six months ago, when Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore, and her equally desperate council colleagues, were willing to agree to anything that their highly paid consultants advised in order to pass Measure Z (Parks parcel tax funding measure), including the notion of an independent, citizen-based fiscal oversight committee, she probably didn’t understand the implications of such a committee.

Four months later, with the passage of Measure Z, those implications became much more apparent.

And now, three months after the election on November 06, 2012, Bridgette has managed to accomplish a significant subversion of the the purpose of an Oversight Committee, by turning it into a Bridgette Moore OverFriends Committee.

By her own words uttered on January 23, 2013, Bridgette voluntarily admitted that a literal 15 of 18 applicants requesting to be a part of the Oversight committee were her friends. As a result, no less than 83.3% of the committee membership will  be populated with Bridgette’s friends, rendering confidence in the promise of meaningful fiscal oversight, meaningless and moot.

The 83.3% number would hold true, but only if 5 committee members were selected from the 18 by a blind lottery. As a member of the Parks Subcommittee, Bridgette has further named 5 as her personal recommended choices, 3 of whom were also mutually selected by co-member Marsha Swanson, making any further calculations of chance impossible.

Suffice it to say, Bridgette Moore has “stacked the deck” against the taxpaying citizens of Wildomar by promoting application/ membership on the fiscal oversight committee primarily, if not exclusively, to her “friends.”

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