Teed Up For Mayor….


An elaborate plan is unfolding before our very municipal eyes.

It is bold in its audacity, yet sophomoric for its lack of subtlety.

The anticipated re-anointment of Wildomar City councilmember Bridgette Moore’s most reliable political surrogate/accomplice, former EVMWD Director, John Lloyd, as Chairman of the Wildomar Community Parks Funding Measure Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee (hereinafter “Blue Ribbon Committee II”) lacks only the specific appointment of John Lloyd as Chairman by Mayor Tim “Mad Dog” Walker at the next city Council meeting on February 13, 2013.

As you recall, one of the promises in Measure Z, if approved, was the formation of a Citizen Oversight Committee to ensure that the $350,000 in annual tax increment  is to be used only for “parks and park-related” expenditures. However, once the Measure barely passed in November 2012, the “complication” of an intrusive and critical Citizen Oversight Committee had to be mitigated by controlling who was appointed to the committee.

For context and confirmation, please click on the following link to a recent Californian article on the subject:


In order to assist you, Dear Reader, to identify the necessary and contrived steps to achieve this “re-anointment,” Wildomar Magazine proffers the following:

1) Volunteer Application

The questions for applicants in the essay-style portion of the Volunteer Application “supplemental questionnaire” reads like a template for John Lloyd’s resume, to whit;

1. “Have you participated in local government as a committee member, commissioner, councilmember, or staff?” (Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
6. “What is your experience with governmental or nonprofit audits?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
7. “What is your experience with vendor selection and contract review in the public sector?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
8. “What is your experience in park maintenance?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
9. “What is your experience in Recreation Programs?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
10. “What you feel are some of the key issues facing City Parks in the next 5 to 10 years?”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).
11. “Describe your goals as part of the Wildomar Community Parks Funding Measure Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee.”(Editor’s note: For example, see, or be, John Lloyd).

2) Volunteer Selection

At the Parks Subcommittee meeting of January 23, 2012, City council members Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson  announced their supposedly independent “recommendations” from the 18 applicants submitted.

Not surprisingly, both of them first named John Lloyd to be included in the recommended list of five applicants. (There were two others also mutually selected, indicating a likely high degree of  cooperation between the two officials).

Bridgette Moore also “confessed” that 15 of the 18 applicants were her “friends,” rendering the word “oversight” moot, or at the very least, suspect.

3) Mayoral Appointment

Also announced, that evening, was the unusual and particular “next step” in the process.

When the five-member Citizens Oversight Committee is finally approved by the City Council on February 13, 2013, rather than leave anything to chance, it will be “teed up” for the Mayor to appoint the Chairman of the Committee for the important first year of operation, a process/protocol normally delegated to the new members of a typical citizens committee.

 It will be interesting to watch and see if Mayor Tim Walker is going to have his “political” driver handed to him by Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, by obediently naming John Lloyd as Chair of the Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee on February 13, 2013.

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My guess is that Mayor Walker will do his part for the City of Wildomar golf “team.”


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