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When city officials indulge themselves in adolescent political fantasies, rather than adult political contemplations and considerations, it can only be just a matter of time before their foolishness became an observable event.

Fortunately, in this case, despite the observable dysfunction, it appears to have worked out well for the citizens of Wildomar, as a miniaturized version of the City Council finally put a formal end to the mythical West Wildomar.

Like a release of flatulence in a Kansas tornado, “West Wildomar” has disappeared from consideration.

Last evening, the Wildomar City Council gathered in a joint session with the Wildomar Planning Commission to be amused by the court jesters from RBF Associates, funded by the Southern California Association of Governments (“SCAG”), who has been promoting the heretofore unknown “old town” model of West Wildomar.

As the meeting opened, the august demonstration of propriety over who should recuse themselves from the meeting, based on property ownership within 500 feet of either project, resulted in the voluntary exile of Mayor Timothy “Mad Dog” Walker, Mayor pro tem Marsha Swanson (who are almost next door neighbors residing in Voting District 3, giving context to the current litigation over Districts versus At-large as a means of fairly selecting representatives from the community).

After the Walker/Swanson exit, Planning Commission Chairman Stan Smith advised that he owned property within 500 feet of the proposed West Wildomar project and, as a result, must also recuse himself from the meeting. Unfortunately, despite plenty of notice, Planning Commissioners Harve Dykstra and Veronica Langworthy were not in attendance.

As a result, once Smith left the meeting room, there would no longer be a quorum of planning commissioners required to conduct a public meeting so there was a motion made to adjourn the Planning Commission meeting.

After all of the above city gymnastics, the City Council dais was left to the three B’s; Bridgette Moore, Bob Cashman and Ben Benoit.

Finally, the court jesters made their presentation.

The most important part of the presentation was the admission by one of the consultants that, since they have been given no previous direction by the City Council, they were significantly influenced by the Western Riverside Council of Governments-funded group known as “Highway 395”, whose mission is to turn Palomar Road/Mission Trail/Jefferson Street into an endless commercial strip mall from Lake Elsinore to Temecula, all  with a Knott’s Berry Farm-ish faux motif.

So much for governing by “let’s hear from the community before I vote.”

Someone from the city Council, probably Bob Cashman, as the closest thing we have to a historian laureate, should have privately counseled the court jesters prior to this place in time, that the West Wildomar concept was completely out of step with the historical reality of the community of Wildomar.

At the end of the presentation, Bob Cashman finally, and wisely recounted his history-based idea of the center of Wildomar being more closely associated with the intersection of Central and Palomar Road so he would not be supportive of West Wildomar.

Without the influence of the core value-less Swanson and Walker, Bridgette and Ben acted like rational representatives of the citizens of Wildomar and all three jointly gave direction to the court jesters to bring back he finalized version of potential and future town center located at Central and Palomar Road.

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