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For those of you old enough to remember, or those of you who have lived in Wildomar before “political” newcomers, such as Ben Benoit, (2010) Tim Walker (2010), and even Bridgette Moore (2001) arrived on scene, the residents of Wildomar have sought to distance themselves from its tawdry northern neighbor, Lake Elsinore.

As a matter of fact, the community of Wildomar was granted formal status as an  “Unincorporated Community of Interest” long before it considered incorporation as a city, in order to prevent the annexation of Wildomar by some greedy Lake Elsinore  politicians (real estate agents and developer interests) in Lake Elsinore.

In effect, what the real estate hustlers wanted was access to Bundy Canyon Road and its potential commercial development from Mission Trail to the Interstate 15 freeway for its proposed 9400 home development in the Back Bay formerly known as Liberty.

Fortunately, Liberty has been pared down by approximately 50% and is now known as Summerly. Nevertheless, the reasons there are traffic lights nearly every 50 feet on Mission Trail is to handle traffic from Summerly.

Recognition of the taint and stain is found in the various, and well-deserved, monikers for Lake Elsinore, such as “Lake Smellsomemore,” and my personal favorite, since I created it back in the day when I was the prime contributor for Elsinore Magazine, “Sh*tville, inhabited by Sh*tvillians.”

For the record, most Wildomarians have little desire to have any physical proximity, or political and economic connection to, Lake Elsinore. Planning Commissioner Harv Dykstra led a successful movement in the 1990s to get a separate zip code for Wildomar, apart from the zip code for Lake Elsinore.

Current City council member Bob Cashman, at one point in the recent past, wanted to claim ownership of Elsinore High School, and to rename it  Wildomar High School, since it sits within Wildomar’s new boundaries.

As a Trustee of the Board of Trustees for the Wildomar Cemetery Special District, myself, current Planning Commissioner Stan Smith, and Community Services Director Paula Willette, successfully resisted Riverside County pressure to merge the Wildomar Cemetery  with the Lake Elsinore Cemetery Special District.

Now, foolishly, the ignorant, paid bureaucrats of the Western Riverside Council Of Governments (“WRCOG”) and their equally ignorant, paid consultants are attempting to foist the concept of “West Wildomar,” as a potential center of our city at the “northern” intersection of Bundy Canyon Road and Mission Trail, thereby reversing the trend of separation from Lake Elsinore, and to facilitate Wildomar being sucked back into the swirl and vortex of crime and corruption-ridden Sh*tville.

Please click on the following link to a recent Press Enterprise article for confirmation:


Unfortunately for the long-term citizens of Wildomar, who have historically made it clear that we want nothing to do with Sh*tville, the numbskull elected officials at Wildomar City Hall are in the process of earning their own special moniker for Wildomar, “Dumbsh*tville.

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There is a reason why all of our sewers drain to Lake Elsinore.

It’s not just because of gravity.


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