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Yesterday’s Press Enterprise article on Wednesday evening’s Wildomar City Council meeting included a recounting of a “cheer” emanating from the small audience in attendance, over the announcement of a monthly savings of $1700, apparently as a result of increased gasoline sales tax revenue.

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If you do the math ($1700 times 12 months), amounts to a modest but positive budgetary impact of $20,400 per year.

 However, with the voluntary departure of former City Manager Frank Oviedo, and the promotion of current City Manager Gary Nordquist, the City of Wildomar is saving $20,800 per month, which will have a much more meaningful positive budgetary impact of $125,000 in the current fiscal year, and $250,000 for the next fiscal year.

Now “that” is something to cheer about.

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 Lest you forget, on October 27, 2011 (“Re-Thinking Wildomar; Competitiveness”), I had fearlessly recommended the elimination of Oviedo’s position in order to achieve this very savings.

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If you think there is no power to ideas which emanate from outside the limited confines of Wildomar’s elected officials and staff, you would be mistaken.

Frank Oviedo assuredly understood such “power” and utilized control over  his as-yet relatively undamaged resume to wisely take advantage of a serendipitous opportunity to relocate in another city, albeit taking a lesser position than the one he formerly held in Wildomar.

For the record, there are still two more opportunities for future cheerable budget events; 1) Moving the Wildomar City Hall  to  Marna O’Brien Park (saving $100,000 + per year in lease payments) and 2) Seceding from theAnimal Friends/Southwest Communities Finance Authority (saving $250,000 +  per year in bond mortgage payments).


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