Citizens Raise Concerns About Invasion Of Privacy..


Throughout the day yesterday, as the application for interested citizens to be a part of the Wildomar Citizens Oversight Committee was made available on the city’s website and publicized by various local media, a common thread of concern was raised by the intrusive questions which appear to be a requirement to participate on the oversight committee, in particular, the requirement to provide a personal Social Security number and your California driver’s license number.

Please click on the following brief article by the Californian, published yesterday and take the time to read the citizen comments attached:

Apparently the problem is that these applications will be provided to the Wildomar City Council members as a part of their agenda packets and, therefore, makes each application subject to, and available to, any person who makes a formal request under the California Public Records Act.

As a result, it is possible that personal identification information could inadvertently be released to others who have no right to such private information. Such a release of personal information could actually create legal liability for damages, on the part of the city, should an applicant be subsequently victimized by identity theft.

In a world where we have to shred our junk mail to prevent identity theft, the request for such information in order to participate in a Citizens Oversight Committee is excessive and onerous.

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Requiring this type of information suppresses the desire to serve as a volunteer on the Citizens Advisory Committee, which may be the point of requiring the information in the first place.

I would suggest that the first qualifying act of “citizens oversight” would be to submit your application to volunteer, if you so desire, without including such profoundly personal information.


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