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A recent article in the Californian appears to reveal the apprehensive psychological state of our elected leaders, the Wildomar City Council, and their surrogates, such as “Park activist/proverbial pillar ” John Lloyd, whose chairmanship of the Blue Ribbon Committee led to the ill-fated, expensive $102,000) Measure D, the MelloRoos/Communities Facilities District failure of 2011, which was a “legally defensible” but politically unsuccessful ballot measure.

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Now, according to the the aforementioned Californian article, Lloyd continues to express the paranoid fear that there might yet be a legal challenge to Measure Z, timidly admitting that “there’s no such thing as a win or a loss in Wildomar.”

Wildomar Magazine is unaware of any threat of litigation over the recent passage of Measure Z.

However, the bumbling, secretive first meeting of the Wildomar City Council Parks Subcommittee, purportedly convened to establish the parameters of the ballot measure and voter required Citizens Oversight Advisory Committee has certainly eroded the confidence level of some of Wildomar’s concerned citizens.

As it may turn out, the future conduct of the Wildomar City Council, and it’s “proverbial pillar” surrogates, may have more of an impact on the implementation of Measure Z, then does the passage of the measure itself.

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