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A poorly-noticed City Council Parks Subcommittee,  comprised of councilmembers Bridgette Moore and Marsha Swanson, meeting was set up and conducted on the weekend before Christmas at 10:30 AM, Saturday morning, December 22, 2012. (An odd time for a Parks subcommittee meeting, given that the public’s interest is more likely on the Christmas holiday, rather than on parks).

Nevertheless, after finding out about the Parks subcommittee meeting from my various and labyrinthine e-mail sources, Sheryl and I determined to attend, observe, and participate.

The meeting was also attended by the indefigatable Community Activist, Martha Bridges.

In addition, park proponent John Lloyd and several other citizens were also in attendance.

Prior to the meeting, in response to a challenge to newly-appointed City Manager, Gary Nordquist, regarding the lack of e-mail notice of the meeting to those who specifically request such notices, Nordquist acknowledged the city’s substandard procedures and protocols and plausibly promised an immediate change under his leadership.

One of the primary discussions during the meeting with the matter of who is qualified to be appointed to the Citizens Oversight Committee. Apparently, the only current requirement is that the potential appointee must be a Wildomar resident.

At this point, I asked a specific question as to what might disqualify an applicant from appointment, specifically identifying the notion emanating from John Lloyd’s brain in recent  Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch opinion blogs authored by Lloyd, that any person who voted “No” on Measure Z should not be included on the Oversight Committee.

In direct response to my question, Councilmember Bridgette Moore plainly disavowed such notions by stating, “Nobody speaks for the City Council.”

Lloyd, who was sitting in the row directly behind me, appropriately said nothing at all.

As a result, Saturday was a good day for representative democracy in Wildomar.

The new City Manager, Gary Nordquist, promises to do a better job providing appropriate notification for public meetings in the future and we can now ignore John Lloyd’s various pronouncements regarding the potential makeup of the Citizens Oversight Committee, based on Bridgette’s “on the record” disavowal of exclusionary politics.

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