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Since the passage of Measure Z, park proponent John Lloyd has felt empowered to propagate and promulgate “his” version of “The Rules,” with regard to a number of important issues for the citizens of Wildomar.

For instance, Lloyd has plainly advocated for the exclusion of any citizen who may have had the temerity to vote “no” on Measure Z, raising the specter of requiring “loyalty oaths,” or having to disclose how one voted, for those who wish to participate on the Citizens Oversight Committee.

In his Comment to the Wildomar Patch on December 07, 2012, Lloyd wrote the following: “Secondly, I would expect the City Counsel to pull the oversight committee from the 2/3+ of the community that supported Measure Z. There is no sense in putting people on the committee that don’t support parks to oversee parks. That’s like having atheists oversee a church or communists oversee a democracy.”

According to Lloyd, in his own evil, anti-democratic words, voting against Measure Z is equivalent to being an atheist or a communist, neither of which are illegal.

Pressing his exclusionary predilections even further on December 15, 2012, Lloyd wrote and published a blog on blogging in the aforementioned Wildomar Patch, that is critical of anyone who takes the time and trouble to publish their opinion on a current event, but declines to permit “corrosive” commentary and response.

Please click on the following link to the Patch for context and confirmation:


In summation then, let’s recap John Lloyd’s Rules (to date, as there could be more Rules in the offing), as follows:

Rule 1) If you voted “No” on Measure Z, you should not be allowed to participate on the Citizens Oversight Committee, regardless of your interests, qualifications or desire to serve.
Rule 2) If you blog, you must permit commentary from any source of opposition, even if adolescent and personally vindictive, in order to be credible in Lloyd’s opinion.

For the record, and despite the patronizing moniker of “Community Activist” proffered by the first commentator posted under Lloyd’s blog, John Lloyd is not a simple community activist. He is, in fact, a well-connected, although ineffective politician, having served as an elected Director of the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District(“EVMWD”).

Further, in 2011, he was appointed to be Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee (“BRC”), under whose failed leadership the BRC recommended a $5.2 million  Mello Roos Bond Issue, which fatally tainted and stained the $100,000 + Measure D effort, which failed to secure passage, and which required the additional expenditure of $58,500+ to promote and pass Measure Z in 2012.

Since the failure of Measure D, Lloyd has “led” the failed volunteer efforts of the Friends For Wildomar Parks, whose recent failure has left a reported $15,000 deficit in their heretofore unaudited “books.”  A portion of the proceeds from the recent city-sponsored Breakfast with Santa has been promised to help defray their deficit.

In response, therefore, Wildomar Magazine proposes a “Rule” of its own, as follows:

WM Rule 1) If you are a politician who is closely associated with any sitting member of the Wildomar City Council, and if your recent public efforts in support of expensive and failed tax measures are any indication of your capabilities and competency, you should not submit, nor should you be considered for appointment to the Citizens Oversight Committee.

As always, comments are generally not desire nor permitted on the pages of Wildomar Magazine, but any reader may do so, via e-mail, to zakturango@excite.com.

The Citizens Oversight Committee should be populated by qualified adults, regardless of their vote on Measure Z, who will be willing to to fearlessly criticize and challenge any inappropriate expenditures from the people’s tax dollars generated by the parcel tax.

This is not a position for another hapless group of Bridgette Moore’s adolescent “cheerleaders.”


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