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Local resident, Ken Mayes, published an opinion piece on the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch on Thursday, December 06, 2012, and the first responsive Comment comes from the Bridgette Moore surrogate, John Lloyd.

What is revealed in his comment is his expressed desire for exclusion from the proposed Measure Z-based Citizen Oversight Committee of anyone among the nearly 1/3 of the voters who had the temerity to vote “no” on the measure.

Please click on the following link to confirm Lloyd’s words under “Comments” for yourself:

in my opinion, whenever John Lloyd speaks, he is speaking on behalf of Wildomar city councilmember Bridgette Moore. At least, until she publicly disavows his statements.

Since he resorts to quoting Scripture, I would suggest that he also read I Timothy 3:7, which states: “Elders” (“City Council”) should be of good report of them that are “without.”

Had the “insider” clique not listened to the “outsider” opposition, they would have once again embraced another pre-doomed Mello Roos/Community Facilities District that was being “teed up” by former City Manager Frank Oviedo. Instead, they finally listened to the “outsiders,” and supported a simple “parcel tax.”

As a result, after a close election, the City of Wildomar now has a parcel tax funding mechanism in place for parks.

As a property taxpayer, regardless of how I may have voted on Measure Z, should I make application to be a part of the Citizens Oversight Committee, my application should be considered on the basis of my personal and civic qualifications, and not my vote.

Unfortunately for John, in my opinion, this comment indicates the smallness of his thinking and self-discloses the apparent instinct for civic “revenge.”

Again, according to Scripture, (Matthew 12:34), “… out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.”

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