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In a rare display of City Council wisdom, the Wildomar City Council voted unanimously to appoint Assistant City Manager Gary Nordquist to the permanent position of City Manager, effective January 01, 2013.

In a more typical display of City Council foolishness, councilmember Marsha Swanson, in what appeared to be a “pre-arranged” nomination process, Swanson nominated Ben Benoit and Tim Walker to the ad hoc committee to negotiate Nordquist’s salary and benefits.

Citing as her un-challenged justification, Swanson stated that, as the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem (honorary appointments each), Ben Benoit and Tim Walker should conduct negotiations with Nordquist on behalf of the Wildomar City Council.

Although I’m not concerned that the mature and sophisticated professional Nordquist would take advantage of the two least experienced “negotiators” on the City Council, nominating both neophytes to the ad hoc committee, rather than pairing one or the other with a more seasoned councilmember, is municipal foolishness.

Nevertheless, I have personally extended my congratulations to Gary Nordquist and tendered my support to him for the future.

As you might recall, prior to becoming a subsidiary of the City of Wildomar, the Wildomar Cemetery District retained the services of Nordquist as General Manager for the Cemetery District. During that time period of working together, I developed a high degree of confidence in his management skills and experience.

Congratulations to Gary Nordquist on his appointment.

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As you can see from the above photograph, Nordquist is willing to get out of his office and inspect trenching, and other important stuff, in the city.


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