Bridgette’s Recurring Dream?…




According to a recent Southwest Riverside News Network (“SWRNN”) article, Bridgette Moore is contemplating her next M&M-laced fantasy with the tax increment from Measure Z, produced solely from the wallets, purses and pocketbooks of Wildomar’s over-taxed homeowners.

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Unless she were misquoted, due to the reporter’s confusion, it appears that Bridgette is contemplating the formation of a Citizens Committee  to “…. start working on future events and plans for the cities three parks.”

As a reminder, Measure Z was “sold” to the voters of Wildomar on the promise of the creation of a Citizens  Oversight Committee as a watchdog over parks spending. If that “watchdog” somehow morphs into an “event planning lap dog” for silly adolescents on the Wildomar City Council, it will be evidenced  by the appointment of Bridgette Moore  surrogate John Lloyd, whose chairmanship of the last Blue Ribbon Committee resulted in the recommendation of a $5.2 million Mellop Roos/Committee Facilities District Bond issue, which recommendation fizzled after taking its first public breath in February 2011.

Having $350,000 per year to spend on M&Ms would surely maintain the “sugar high” that appears to propel Bridgette’s frenetic political lifestyle.

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