Bending The Rule Of Law For…

    Celebrating Corruption


The process of corruption in government usually starts with small, well-intentioned decisions made by those who are in a position of presumed authority to have their dreams and wishes carried out.

In Wildomar’s case, lightheaded and giddy with the recent passage of Measure Z, the small clique of adolescents who have been obsessed with parks are now apparently prepared to “cut corners” for parks, if they haven’t done so already.

According to the Lake Elsinore/Wildomar Patch, last evening’s celebration has produced a stunning admission by the non-elected park activist John Lloyd that should be noted by the citizens of Wildomar, as follows:

1) “”Lloyd said that although the city has taken over paying the utilities at Marna O’Brien Park, it’s unclear what financial commitment it will make in the near term for the facility.”

I am not aware of any recent City Council agenda that has revoked the contractual agreement between the Friends For Wildomar’s Parks and the City of Wildomar, authorizing the City of Wildomar to resume “paying the utilities at Marna O’Brien Park” which begs the question, under what circumstances are utilities being consumed, and by whom?

And notice, if you will, that Lloyd’s emphasis is on Marna O’Brien Park, not the closed Windsong Park.

But then it’s always been about Marna O’Brien Park and it’s sports fields (as depicted in the celebration cake, below).

John Lloyd was not alone with his revelatory admission. An elected official also weighed in on the subject at hand.

2) “Moore said she hopes there will be a strong turnout by the community at the Dec. 12 meeting.“This is not over,” she said.”

For her part, the recently re-elected city councilmember Bridgette Moore, who used Measure Z as her primary campaign platform (what else did she have two run on?), continues to seek support from a “strong turnout by the community at the December 12 meeting,” presumably, as in the past, to provide legitimacy for where ever this corrupted process is going to take our tax dollars.

Her “this is not over” statement is an admission that the actual language of the Measure Z ballot argument is likely going to be ignored in favor of whatever Bridgette Moore and John Lloyd have envisioned for Wildomar.

Therefore, dear reader, stay tuned to Wildomar Magazine as your only source of “parody, satire, opinion and commentary” that will continue to provide an alternative context and perspective on these important issues.

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For my part, I am happy that these two adolescents are unable to restrain themselves from speaking,as it reveals what they are thinking. It makes for a useful “public record.”

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